The social network has become an important part of peoples lives. It is a way by which an individual can stay connected with the rest of the world. Facebook and Twitter are a huge hit among the masses. Due to the busy lifestyle it has become difficult to use these media. But with the inception of smartphones, an individual can stay in touch with the rest of the world using the respective social media apps. Here is a list of top 5 social media apps for Android users.Social Media Apps

1. Friendcaster for Facebook

Friendcaster for Facebook

When the official Facebook app was launched, it was very fast and easy to use. But as it has been updated again and again, it’s performance has got worse.On opening the app the individual will see “No connection. Tap to retry”. The images take a lot of time to load. All these problems can be solved using Friendcaster for Facebook. It is a third party app. It is much faster than Facebook, the images load faster, push notifications are available and also there is provision to support multiple accounts. Download it from here.

2. Twitter

Twitter for Android

Unlike the Facebook app, the official Twitter app is extremely useful. It’s UI is same as that seen on the browser. An individual can do everything like Tweet, Retweet, hare photos, videos, web pages and more. The user can change the notification settings to get a push notification in case he/she gets a mention, retweet, followers or if a tweet is favourited. Download it from here.

3. Instagram

Instagram for Android

Instagram is a beautiful way to share your world with others. It is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. At present it has about 100 million registered users.  With Instagram, you can add different filters to images and then share with others. It has become so popular that Facebook has made a $1 billion offer to buy it. Initially it was only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but it was launched later for Android. Download it from here.

4. Google +

Google Plus

Google launched it’s own social network to rival Facebook. It is not as popular as Facebook but has shown a steady rise in terms of number of users. It has a great app available on Play Store. A great feature is the ability to video chat with up to 9 friends with mobile Hangouts. It also allows an individual to chat with a friend or all your friends at once with the text-based Messenger. Download it from here.

5. Foursquare

Foursquare home

Foursquare is a great app for check-ins. Foursquare helps you to keep in sync with your friends and what they are up to. It has a wonderful badge system, which encourages visiting new and unique places. Foursquare is also an excellent way to discover new places to visit based on your friends’ recommendations. Download it from here.

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