Playing games on your Android devices is convivial thing. It is a boisterous element during those specific instances of time. Thus virtual gaming is an enjoyable prospect on your handset. Hence, let’s have a look at some of the best sports games available for Android. Every game targets on a specifics sport and thus each has its unique characteristics.

Real Football


If you consider the PC console, then EA Sports FIFA beats the other competitors hands down easily. However if you consider playing these games on Android devices then Real Football advances to be superior game over the others that are currently available. The best part is that this is available for free as compared to the FIFA’s priced app. The user can employ this facility and have fun playing the exhibition, league and various international cup modes with the benefit of playing with more than 350teams. The additional boost is that all these league matches, teams and players get updated with the usual changes frequently with time.Rfootball

The particular game works smoothly on the devices that supports this specific game. Also, the gameplay is awesomely optimized in regard to a small screen display. Additionally, various customization features are provided for the individual and the user can create his own custom team and design all its kits and other gear. Moreover, the game also supports Hypergame Technology. This includes that you can easily play that specific game which you just watched on TV and in simple manner decide the outcome of the specific game by yourself.

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge

With realistic facilitation of features & pragmatic tennis playing experience, this game provides to become an advantageous representation for playing Tennis from real courts to a virtual Android display. The user can practice various shots using gestures and also take these skills to tournaments and cups. Additionally, there is an availability to compete with over 50 world’s best players and also the user is allowed to play in different world class stadiums. It is a paid app & can be downloaded from here.

The best part of Virtua Tennis™ Challenge is that different users can connect using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access point and play simultaneously. Thus at any point of time, the individuals can double together as a team.

Let’s Golf


Let’s Golf app is a free app from the golf game series from Game Loft. In this version, the individual can manage on playing 5 holes every day. In this manner, you can earn or keep buying energy boosts during the time that you play on. Unlike the conventional golf game which is played on the golf courses, this game’s representation is facilitated on a building roof top. Additionally, the game supports multiplayer, both online and locally through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The trait of the game is that the user is able to customize his player before he/she competes with others. Also, there is an availability to purchase some in-game skills etc.

Baseball Superstars


It is construed to be one of the best games on providing the astute experience of playing baseball on your Android. The game dishes out a RPG baseball experience where in you will have to train your player and then eventually compete with other online players. Baseball Superstars is boosted with superb graphics and easy to manage controls, the user can complete the daily quests to earn additional points for level up.

Cricket T20 Fever


The peculiarity of this game lies in the fact that it is the only 3D cricket game available on Play Store which is worth playing. Apart from the specified name, it also supports ODI game mode. Along these lines, the game also supports motion capture technology which aids in animating the respective various game events. The additional benefit is that the batting and bowling controls have been built perfectly. Thus the user can easily facilitate this aspect & utilize it to enjoy the game. Also, the individuals can look out for cheerleaders to dance after you pull a shot or take a wicket!

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