With the advancements that have ascended in the technological sector, Smartphones have turned out to become the integral forces in our life. Therefore having a plethora of functionalities employed on your Smartphone is a beneficial aspect indeed. In this manner having information about the weather at the tip of your hands is an efficient perspective for possessing accurate knowledge on the weather. Usually, there are various types of weather apps available on the App store and each app provides the dedicated utilities to the user. Thus, presented below are three weather apps for iPhone which are advantageous in their own aspects.
Weather Apps


It is regarded as to be one of the best looking apps that are present on the App Store. Thus it helps in improving the overall appearance on your device. It can be downloaded from here. Also it is a point to be noted that this app was the one of the first weather app to withdraw the usual buttons and lists and replace them with gestures. When you open the app & grant access to your specific location, at the beginning you are welcomed with a screen which devises the necessitated weather information for your city. However, this is minimal as swiping up or down on the screen will assist your progress in showing either the weather forecast by the hour or separately a three day forecast is displayable accordingly. You can also get directed to the app’s main weather screen after you lift your finger.

Climate Clock

Climate Clock
The trait of this app is that it is beautiful, simple, and functional. Thus it helps in providing uncluttered UI to the individual. It is one of the most impressive apps and it can be downloaded from here. On the main scree, the app possesses a standout original interface displaying the temperatures for each & every hour of the day. This is displayed in the form of a clock. When the user taps on the bottom center of the screen, he/she visualize a ten-day forecast. Also, the individual has the advantage of using three diferent themes for facilitating the desired aspect on the iPhone. The user can also check the weather of other locations by swiping, but the individual cannot to view the forecasts for the other cities at the same juncture.


When you open the app, a circle with the current temperature is displayed on it and other three small icons are present at the bottom. Also use of clever gestures and UI tricks are responsible in providing information with respect to the user’s interests. This app can be downloaded from here.

After you drag the screen down, a five-day forecast is visible to the users. Thereafter when you tap on this mid screen bubble it presents out more information based on the current temperature. Also during the time that you swipe left or right from the temperature screen, this task aids your course in showing the remaining hours of sun in the day or the humidity levels. However the only disadvantage is that the user is not able to see the weather for multiple locations.

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