Slowly and steadily as Blackberry manages to take strides to improve its position in the already competitive smartphone market, here are some positive lowdowns that enlighten the state of affairs in the current market scenario.

Although at present the roadway to success appears dark for the Canadian company, there are still some positive tidings that can contribute towards proving the saving grace of the company. It can be seen that some markets continue their resurgence despite the fact that Blackberry is losing out a huge market share in competition to other rival competitors.blackberry-logo

Markets in South Africa and Indonesia are on the accrual rise, and it regarded that Mexico will add on to these list of markets. Based on a report released by the Competitive Intelligence Unit, the study emphasizes on the market share in Mexico highlighting BlackBerry’s at a figure of 26.9%, which seems really on the rise considering the scheme of things that are viewable at present.

Judging and analyzing the reports, it appears that the market share has actually fallen down resulting in a drop of 20% from BlackBerry’s market share previously. This depicts that BlackBerry still remains illustrious for certain set of target customers. It is a thought provoking aspect as to what really interests the consumers and proves influential that individuals don’t like parting way with BlackBerry’s handsets. Does the price appeal to the users? Or is it the QWERTY keyboards? Or is it the apps that engage its users?

On further research and analytical data, it is vividly seen that the apps are usually made by Mexican developers, because of which BlackBerry is popular in these parts of the world. Will such development trickle down to other parts of the world?

Do you see such a thing as a factor that can turn fortunes for BlackBerry? Or do you feel the competition is too competitive that BlackBerry can’t make a comeback unless they unveil really super-productive?

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