It has been a few tough years for Blackberry. Since Android and iOS have come into the fold, Blackberry are experiencing disappointments year after year. Blackberry tried to resurrect itself with Blackberry OS 10 and also with Android powered Blackberry but without success.

The latest generation of Blackberry Classic was launched in 2014. It is a typical Blackberry phone with QWERTY keyboard. But it has not fared well at all and Blackberry have decided to cut its losses.

Ralph Pini, the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Devices at Blackberry, confirmed the news on the company’s official blog – “To keep innovating and advancing our portfolio, we are updating our smartphone lineup with state of the art devices. As part of this, and after many successful years in the market, we will no longer manufacture Blackberry Classic.”

Blackberry Priv which was launched last year as a high-end device also failed to deliver. The lacklustre sales in the first quarter of 2016 cost the company more than $670 million, the biggest loss in two years.

Blackberry have announced that they will be launching a string of Android powered handsets in the coming year.

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