Just previously we had seen the developments regarding the announcement of BBM to be facilitated onto other platforms like iOS and Android. Along these lines, we have been broadcasted to thse lowdowns that the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service will be arriving onto iOS and Android this summer. This has been implemented to expand the existing network of 60 million monthly active users by supplementing a broader cross-platform messaging solution.

SlashGear has directed our attention to a Tweet from T-Mobile UK which claims that BBM will be launching soon on the iOS and Android platforms on June 27.


Therefore this expansion onto other platforms is an integral facilitation with the way things have proceeded with the developments that are associated with the Apple-centric iMessage service. Also several other cross-platform services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have provided a suitable functionality that have promised to play a major role accumulating significant user bases on their own. Hence Blackberry has worked its ways out to devise such a service to be employed on other cross platforms. This is due to the fact that otherwise users may begin defecting to other platforms leaving BBM with a potential risk of diminishing user base. However it is remains to be seen how such a manifestation can produce stabilization effects for targeting such a move alongwith the development of the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Update 1: It is presumed that such a date is “incorrect”. This information has been acquired from several tidings from the sources of Business Insider. However, there is no accuracy on such a claim currently.

Update 2: Furthermore, BlackBerry has responded to several lowdowns by claiming that no official date has been announced for the same, but it regarded that T-Mobile UK still hasn’t retracted, or removed or additionally added more context to its tweet. Nevertheless, finally it is known that the T-Mobile UK tweet has been deleted).

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