Recently in the news that gather the headlines, include the tidings that vividly present out an update to the BBM i.e. the BlackBerry Messenger. As the narrations surface up with respect to its recital, RIM has provided this update that delivers the functionality to make free voice calls. These specific benefits can be reproduced to other BlackBerry users over Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry BBM

The announcement that has been endowed forward emphasizes the neoteric feature of the BBM voice.  This manifests a similarity to Apple’s FaceTime feature, but here sans the “Face”.  The brand-new development that has been formulated involves the ability of making calls to other BlackBerry user or switching calls to text or vice versa.  A split screen functionality aids in the direction that multitasking can be a piece of cake. Therefore, a user can switch from talk to text and back forth and also an individual can talk and text simultaneously.

Pressing into service the ability that has been made available characterizes the ability to check mails, other conversations, navigate other apps while a user works with BBM voice.

The particularization that has caught a glimpse of the eye includes the integration with user’s BlackBerry ID. The refreshed individuality dished out constitute the backing up of the BMM profile, groups, contacts which turn advantageous when switching to another phone and easily retaining your BBM settings.

The dispatchments from the news highlight that the BBM 7 is available for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 6 OS or higher.  For the phones running with BlackBerry 5 OS, support is expected to follow soon.

The feature can be downloaded from here.

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