Google play has a hoard of apps and games to be downloaded free of cost. In competition to Apple Google play store provides a much higher number of free apps. However many of these free apps contain advertisements. It is through these advertisements that the developers earn money. So first thought that anyone will have is that these advertisements are good. As if the developer earns from these ads he will be encouraged to make more free apps for the consumers. In fact these ads are a good thing as they benefit everyone.

Block Ads

These ads are often small and hardly interfere with your game/app. However sometimes the developer places really huge ad spaces in their apps, which make these apps almost unusable. At such times one really wishes that there was a way to block these nagging ads and enjoy the apps. There are a few methods by which you can easily block such nagging advertisements. However you can block ads on only rooted devices.

Note: We do not promote blocking advertisements, as these ads provide developers with income to make more and better free apps for the consumers. So block ads wisely. We highly recommend to use the first method to block ads.


Method 1 (recommended method): Using Lucky Patcher

This method allows you to block ads in individual apps. Lucky Patcher is a non-market app. This way you can block ads in apps that have nagging ads and keep ads on for all other app. Once you download the app, place it in your microSD card and install using any file manager. Once you launch  the app you will see a list of apps. long press on the app that you wish to block ads for and then select “Remove Google ads!” That’s all it takes to get rid or irritating ads.

lucky patcher

Method 2 : Using AdAway

AdAway is a app that downloads and integrates commonly known ad providers’ host ids and adds them to your system’s host files so that these ads cannot be accessed from inside the apps. However this app blocks altogether in all apps. Another disadvantage of this app is that it doesn’t work well on stock ROMs and also can put your phone into bootloops. This app is very easy to use once you download this app from Play Store, just launch it and select the button block ads. The app will download and integrate the host files and then ask for reboot. Reboot your phone and become ad free.


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