The term Whatsapp is a known entity to the current generation who acquaint themselves with smartphones. This has been a commonplace to carry out the conversations in a faster, easier and efficient manner. It appears as the soon to become the communication medium replacing the common ways like communication over a phone calls or texts. The popularity is visibly seen among Smartphone users & it has steadily gained importance in many individual’s life for day-to-day communication and other purposes. The ascension of it’s operation has been due to its features enabling sharing videos, pictures, or even voice.

Although this is a fantastic medium of communication and work a great deal in helping with its useful features, there are certain situations or times when some people just torture or irritate to a large extent. Sometimes it’s bearable staying pissed off, other times one wonders whether blocking them is a perfect scenario. Block contacts on WhatsApp

Henceforward if you want to block a particular person who pisses you off, there is a simple methodological process that needs to be followed for the same. These sequential steps are more or less the same for the corresponding iOS or other versions.

Here are the following steps:

  1. Initially, Open recent chat screen in WhatsApp. This includes the various chats that are involved with our WhatsApp friends. This populated list is displayed after you open the recent chat screen.
  2. Select settings from the by pressing menu button. Tap contacts. Tapping Settings-Open contacts-WhatsApp
  3. After one taps onto contacts, WhatsApp contact manager is displayed.WhatsApp contact manager displayed
  4.  Now is the actual time to Block Contacts. Select Blocked Contacts. If you have blocked certain contacts from your contacts, a list will appear displaying the blocked contacts. Otherwise if this is the first time you are blocking anyone, evidently visible None will be displayed in front of the Block contacts option.
  5. To block the particular contact, tap onto the Add contacts icon. After this, select the specific contact or contacts you want to add in this list.

Screen displaying Add contacts section for blocking

Once you have selected this particular option. The contact that was blocked as a result cannot send you any messages hence further.  However, that person can see you in his friends list & can also view the individual’s status updates and profile pic.

Now that you have blocked a person, suddenly some day you feel that the person should be unblocked.  How to do the same now?

This can be done by long pressing on the contact in the block list. Thereafter, tapping the unblock button option the process is complete. There are times sometimes when you haven’t even saved the contact in the phone-book and you want to block the contact. In such cases, a block button is seen right in the conversation screen itself.

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