It is indeed an opportune moment when some fun activity meets the famous Gangnam characterisation. When this aspect is entirely facilitated in a game, it just builds up the excitement levels furthermore in the quest of killing out time in a dedicated time frame. Appcoda has introduced this aspect by presenting a test for the Brain Power to test your memory promoting the craze of Gangnam style. The trait of this game involves the user to memorize the sequence that is played by the game and later eventually you have to repeat it in the specific order. During the time that you tap the sequence in a quicker fashion, the higher you can score. Thus, it is an entertaining feasibility in a complete package.memory-gangnam-

It is a general notion that usually people complain on the basis of the memory rather than complaining about the minds. Hence, it is straightforward that memory has the sole importance associated with our life & thus it is an interesting development than intellect. A good memory helps the user in a fantastic way. This can range from avoiding unpleasant situations during the instances that some important event is forgotten or during the time that the user cannot recollect the respective number.

This game is targeted towards various individuals to test their memory strength as well as the skills that are possessed for the classic game in such instances. At the beginning, Brain Power displays an itemized sequence which takes place on the game scene (4×4 squares). Eventually, the trait of the game lies in the fact that you need to memorize the particularized pattern and repeat the same whenever asked. In such cases, just like the faster you tap the sequence during such a period, the higher the scores escalate to. Also, the game supports game center. In such a way you can challenge your friends circle to participate and achieve the highest point in the leaderboard.

This app is available for free download. Previously this was a priced app initially sold at $0.99, however now it has been made free for a limited time only. This can be employed on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can be downloaded from here.

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