Candy Crush Saga is an exciting puzzle game. It is a variation of the famous Bejeweled game. There are many levels in this game. Each level has a game board filled with differently colored candies, and might contain obstacles. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies, to create sets of three or more candies of the same color.

While playing this game, there might come a scenario when you are stuck on a specific level and you do not have any lives. This might get a little annoying. Previously, we saw a cheat which gave you 1000 lives and all levels were unlocked. Now, there is a cheat available which will give you unlimited lives. Also many boosters are unlocked. Some of the boosters unlocked are – Charm Of Life, Charm Of Stripes, Charm Of Frozen Time, Striped & Wrapped Booster, Lucky Candy Booster and Colour Bomb, Jelly Fish Booster and many more. Follow the instructions given below to use this cheat.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats


Steps to use the Cheat:

  1. Make sure the game is installed on the device.
  2. Download the cheat file and transfer it on your Android.
  3. Using Root Explorer, go to the  /data/data/com.king.candycrushsaga/app_storage directory. Here you will find the save_XXXXXX.dat file.
  4. Rename the file downloaded in step 2 so that it will have the same name as the save_XXXXXX.dat file and then copy it to /data/data/com.king.candycrushsaga/app_storage directory.
  5. Now in the same directory, you will find the save_XXXXXX.bak file. Delete the file.
  6. Now open the game. It may take a couple of attempts for the game to sync.
  7. Once it is done, you will see unlimited lives and the boosters unlocked.

Note: If you want the Facebook sync, then make sure it is synced before you use this cheat. Once the cheat is used, the Facebook sync will be irreversible.

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  1. grateful
    Posted December 24, 2013 at 12:01 am | Permalink

    you are amazing! best hack to date. absolute! you are pure techno DNA. keep up the phenom work.

  2. Antoine
    Posted February 15, 2014 at 8:56 am | Permalink

    It worked perfectly. Thanks. It unlocks until 305 level, with full lives. But you are stucked on level 1 on beggar world

  3. eisncnd
    Posted May 15, 2014 at 4:52 am | Permalink

    Hry so i would have 2 dat files? Or i will replace the other one

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