Custom recovery is a very common term in Android world. Custom recovery is used for flashing ROMs, kernels as well as adding additional mods or tweaks to an individual’s device. The user can also use the custom recovery to factory reset the phone, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, mount USB, partition the SD card and many other things.

Some of the custom recoveries that are commonly used are AmonRa recovery, ClockworkMod recovery and Recovery X. More recently the TWRP recovery is being used in multiple devices due to a larger and better functionality and also an awesome interface. Another custom recovery that has emerged is the Cannibal Open Touch. The Cannibal Open Touch (COT) is a new recovery aiming to bring some of the best features from other options in a single package. The project comes courtesy of XDA Forum Members Drew Walton (Project Head), thenameisnigel, and Sblood86.


The Cannibal Open Touch recovery is available only for a few devices- Google’s Nexus 7 and Nexus S 4G, Amazon Kindle Fire (First Generation), Samsung Epic 4G Touch, HTC Droid Incredible, LG’s Optimus M, Optimus V and Optimus S. The Cannibal Open Touch Recovery has only been recently developed, hence so the number of devices on which it can be used is very less. However the developers are planning to bring the Cannibal Open Touch recovery to other devices soon. This is starting from devices Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III and the Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

The features of the Cannibal Open Touch custom recovery include:

  • Support for both Edify and Amend scripting allows flashing all ROMs
  • Theme support
  • Get out of recovery boot loops
  • Touch screen button controls
  • Compatibility with Xionia nandroid backups
  • GooManager support
  • Internal e2fsprogs for size
  • Backported “retouch binaries” patch for ICS/JB compatibility
  • Advanced Backup
  • Delete old backups
  • Persistent settings
  • User-defined backup locations
  • ADB Sideload
  • Touchscreen calibration

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