Data Backup has always been a major concern for any device. Be it a computer, a smartphone or a tab every device needs to backup up data in order to recover from failures. Luckily for android users there are several options available for backing up data and apps. Many methods exist such as Nandroid backup, titanium backup, ADB backup, etc. Here comes another backup app called as Carbon beta, from a developer who has been around in the Android community for quite a while,+Koushik. He needs no introduction for his amazing app called ROM manager.

carbon backup beta

Carbon is yet in it’s beta stage which means it isn’t completely stable and neither is it available on the Google Pay store. Carbon is not just your regular backup app. It provides seamless integration with the cloud which makes it the app’s USP. This app integrates with your Google Drive and/or Dropbox account. Thus allowing you to restore your backed up data on any device.

carbon backup beta_2

Not only does this app have integration with the cloud storage, but also it provides the facility to backup data/apps of your device directly onto your PC wirelessly!  All you have to do is set up a server via the app (which is as easy as pressing a button) and access the server via your browser, select the apps you wish to backup and a zip of the apps along with data will b downloaded to your PC. Similarly to restore via PC just access the server, drop the backup zip file into the browser and boom! your cell has been restored!

Carbon backup beta_3

Though Carbon is currently in it’s beta stage, you can expect a release soon enough. The app works wonderfully and you can try it by downloading it from here.

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