Leaked prototype pictures of the speculated Nokia smartwatch model

According to reports released by phone designer, users can turn their attention to pictures of a prototype Nokia smartwatch. The graphic artist has worked to reproduce a revelation that depicts a glance screen style UI. This demeanor is expected to be responsible for saving battery life. Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft suggests that the company plans to take significant strides for marking their presence with wearable technology.Nokia-smartwatch-concept Continue reading

Apple collaborates with Amazon for the exclusive sale of CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; children’s training toilet with support arm for iPad

Officially introducing something on the lines of “iThingy“ is a customary practice for Apple. Before the launch of their products, a mysterious secrecy is accentuated with the ascent of speculative rumors and several other itemizations.  The cryptic writings are always unrevealed and these products come into sight with huge surprises as they mark their presence over the course of time. During the time that such revelations are officially announced, the excitement levels associated with Apple’s products just keeps rolling out newer pastures.

Along these lines, users can turn their attention to the newest entrant in Apple’s illustrious category of products. Originally featured as a product by Amazon, dubbed as the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; Apple has collaborated with Amazon for the exclusive sale of this handy product.iPotty Continue reading

LG introduces the Pocket Photo 2, a portable mobile printer for your smartphone

LG has announced its latest revelation, the Pocket Photo which is a “smart” mobile printer that assists the progress in printing photos instantly directly from your handheld device. The device will be showcased off on 7 January at the CES 2014. And the newfangled itemization will be available in the colors of pink, jewel white and lime yellow. The disclosure will be available globally in 2014 after it has been launched in South Korea.Pocket Photo 2
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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear available at a discounted price of $240 (shipping inclusive) on eBay US [Deal]

During the time that innovations and other revelations surface up with consistent regularity, users can expect interesting disclosures as we move forward in time. Presently if you are fascinated by wearable technology and hope to purchase a gadget; then this festive period will certainly ring the bells for you. Incase prices have been the stumbling block, then this deal is undoubtedly the best one there for you!

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch is available for a price of only $240 from eBay. Users can avail this gadget on a 20 percent discount, along with the facility of free shipping. Having such discounted prices on Gear will surely assist in attracting consumers to grab the sense of wearable technology.Galaxy Gear Continue reading

Discount Coupon from AT&T offers $75 off on selected smartphones and tablets through Saturday

As we approach the festive period with anticipated breath, we can divert our attention to the innumerable deals that storm off during this time period. During the time that discounted deals surface up from different nook and corner; here we are presented with a fabulous deal that has been released out AT&T for its customers.

Incase you happen to be an AT&T customer and you want to upgrade to a new handset, then this is the perfect deal for you! TechBargains is offering a coupon that will assist your progress in reducing $75 off your purchased device. This deal runs through Saturday and is applicable on selected smartphones or. Furthermore, the particularized coupon accounts for free next business day shipping which promises to be an eye-grabbing deal for the consumers. Continue reading

Olloclip launches a new 3-in-1 photo lens for Apple’s iPhone 5c [Images]

Olloclip has introduced a new accessory for the iPhone 5c owners. The recent itemization serves as a timely arrival for the holiday period. The makers of popular clip-on iPhone lens kits have revealed a newfangled 3-in-1 photo lens, which has been designed specifically for the iPhone 5c.5c-olloclip-
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Cyanogemod teams with CruzerLite releasing official CyanogenMod cases; priced at $14.90 with color options available

Cyanogemod has always played an integral role in the Android smartphone market. Android users find Cyanogemod’s components as paramount elements for implementing the heterogeneous set of functionalities on their devices. Surely, Cyanogemod has a huge user base and at present it is trying and expanding their presence in the smartphone market by unveiling official Cyanogenmod cases. This progress is a good attempt for gaining public attention as well as attracting the users with the release of their new products.  cyanogenmod-cases Continue reading

Samsung unveils the Smartphone GamePad for Android gaming enthusiasts

Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market releasing plethora of innovations that arrive with regularity. This supremacy prolongs over large periods of time with the consistency levels associated with this South Korean manufacturing giant.

Along these lines, another such revelation marks its presence in this sizable product list. Samsung has released a Smartphone GamePad, which is a game controller for mobile phones. This revelation has been unveiled in selected European countries. It works with mobile devices ranging from 4- to 6.3-inches, allowing users to play games in a comfortable fashion than simply playing along touching the screen.GamePad Continue reading

Leaked promo showcases the LG G Flex as a mobile IMAX theater [Video]

According to rumors and current itemizations, a video leak has presented an insightful overview of the newest revelation the LG G Flex. The leaked promotional video highlights the LG G Flex symbolizes the handset as a mobile IMAX theatre. This particularized aspect is not only shown in the video, but is also ostentatiously presented out in the promotional ad for SK Telecom.LG G Flex Continue reading