Apple possibly introducing newer version of Smart Covers with the launch of iPad 5

Based on reports and other rumors it is expected that Apple will officially announce the newest iPad on the 22nd of October, and adding to these itemizations it is regarded that Apple will also be unveiling a Smart cover.

The old cases wont be suitable for the newest iPad. This is because of the fact that the new revelation is based on the outline of the iPad Mini. The unravelling of these smart covers on the same day sounds as a perfect marketing strategy from Apple, which will boost in accruing the sales of their accessories as well as help in killing off the competition from third party accessory makers.Smart Cover Case Continue reading

Sony’s upcoming SmartWatch to come with NFC and will be “minimally water-resistant” [Rumors]

According to reports from Cnet, it is understood that Sony will be releasing the next-generation SmartWatch sooner than later. The Smartwatch will encompass a larger screen than the currently available one(having 1.3-inch OLED display) and will possess NFC for one-touch pairing with
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Sliding Keyboard Case available for $79.99

The specified revelation is an advantageous facility for the individuals who are generally associated with typing long emails or during texting conversations and frequent group chats. Therefore this Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth keyboard is a propitious facilitation which is a beneficial disclosure for the users.

Even though the Google Keyboard for Android available in the Play Store, residing a physical keyboard in conjunction with a specific device is an unrivalled and fabulous aspect in its own regard.  This is because the experience of utilizing a physical keyboard is unparalleled to virtual keyboard that is featured with respect to Smartphones.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry on misplacing this facilitation because this itemization gets directly attached to your Samsung Galaxy S4 by using its own case. Thus the user doesn’t have to compromise access to ports or any buttons, or utilize it pairing with it via

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth keyboard can also double as a phone stand with the acquisition of an adjustable angle. Moreover, the keys in appearance look very comforting and thus it provides an untroubled option while utilizing the same. This is priced at $79.99 on Hypercel.
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Ladies and Gentlemen: Here we present to you “Underpants for your iPhone”

Traditionally, accessories constitute to be a very important part of consumer’s lives. These serve as the end factors in dishing out the necessary easy to use experience for the users while also cultivating to serve a vital presence with respect to the handset. Every accessory is unique and this is accompanied with an amalgamation of technologies that enriches the overall aspect and improves the standard of living for the user.

During the time that iPhone revolutionizes its presence as an integral part and parcel of consumer’s life situations; an interesting set of developments has surfaced up. These dispatchments have the potential to amaze each and every individual leaving them awestruck with the kind of revelation that is in store for the particular masses. According to various hearsays and reports coming in for various corners, it is construed that very soon the consumers will have SmartPants for their iPhone. This is notably regarded as a smart underpant for your iPhone.smartphone-underpants
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Top 3 Best iPhone cases for your iPhone 5

Slowly and steadily as rumors about iPhone 5 gathered momentum, we consistently dished them out to the public notifying them with every passing revelation. After the dust settled in and the phone was launched, yet another innovation was displayed out by Apple. The technological advancements surfacing up are gradual processes that are presented out bettering each passing disclosure.

Leaving aside the various devices developed, there is variety available in the accessories that are produced along with the phones. This can range from one device to another as well as provide their associated characteristics in reference to the particular device. While there are a set of newer iPhone cases that are going to be presented out in 2013, let’s have a glimpse of the iPhone cases that are currently available in the market.
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Use Xbox Controller to play games on your Android device

Xbox has been in the gaming industry for more than 10 years. It has been well commended for its unique ergonomic design for it’s controller. The comfort if playing games on a Xbox controller are known to only one who has ever used a Xbox controller.

Xbox Controller

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Samsung Galaxy S3’s Official Extended Battery Pack available for pre-order

Samsung current flagship model, the Galaxy S3 is a great phone. With Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali-400MP GPU the phone is quite a battery drainer. Thought some may argue that having a 2100 mAh battery does the trick, personally as an extensive user of my phone, I feel it’s a bit shy for a superphone. Bearing this in mind Samsung has decided to launch an official extended battery pack. This is currently available on pre-order.

samsung s3 extended battery pack official

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iPad Mini and it’s Unboxing photos

As various tidings surface up about the iPad mini’s arrival, as the hearsays go; there are consistent dispatchments that advance before we head towards the official launch for the Wi-Fi models. There were pre-orders on course to the customers ahead of the official launch on Friday. Various disclosures have been vividly presented and the notable snippets that catch the glimpse of some unboxing photos that have been set open to view. These disclosures are displayed by a French site which has acquainted these specific pictorial depictions after a customer received his iPad mini shipment based on his pre-order.

ipad mini unboxing
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Substitutes with Discounts to be launched, to provide an Alternative to Apple’s Lightning USB Cables and Adapter!

In the days gone by we were depicted to revelation new iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock, which was suppositionally a unauthorized lightning equipped product. These releases were understood to be genuine connectors presented at their use from Apple’s supplier, but further insights surfacing up from ostentatiously portray that these indeed also exemplified cracked versions which are notably functioning rightly.

The company with reference from these particular dispatchments has presented out the respective products releases as the new Lightning to USB cable. They stand as a potential alternative to the original real dock connectors that are official.
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Best Alternatives for Apple Maps on iOS 6

After the blunder of Apple Maps, Apple was prompt in apologizing it’s customers for the poor functionality of Apple Maps. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple inc., has posted an apologetic note on the official Apple website.  Here is a snippet from it:

Apology Note by Apple

The poor GUI and limited functionality has made apple maps a complete blunder by Apple. Continue reading