Enter Lockitron for iPhone: lately introduced key-less deadbolt entry and remote locking product

Just a while ago, the eyeballs have gazed their view upon Lockitron’s promulgation of a new hardware product. The peculiarity that comprehends staying inculcated in this includes allowing doors to be locked & unlocked via this app which attaches itself to most deadbolt locks. The advantageous feature is that Bluetooth can aid in unlocking the door.

The originated change from the previous lock results in the device being able to be attached to a deadbolt without the need of fixing any permanent changes. Hence, it can also be used by renters. Unlocking can be presented vividly by using the Lockitron app as well by other methods like SMS message, or using Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless unlocking.

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First Look at iPhone 5 Unboxing [Photos and Video]

In the wake of the launch of the next generation iPhone, there have been en-sphering stories from both set of people. The Apple fans went gaga over it admittedly displaying their loyalty to the brand and wanting to buy this newly launched phone; while others who prefer others who prefer other OS’s, think value for money, Apple haters went as usual criticizing Apple’s new device. Continue reading

Thoughts on Apple’s New “Lightning” Dock Connector

A deviant and a noteworthy pronouncement in the latest section of events included the quick look on the impression of the new dock connector which is represented by the name “LIGHTNING”.

iPhone 5 lightning socket

This new smaller connector replaces the time honored 30-pin connector of a former period. By a quick look at it, these cables seem fragile. It appears to be an established change from the long lived days of the old connector. The adapter that will be provided is placed at a pricing of $29, and another one assimilated with short cable for $39. It is sup- positioned that companies like Bose, JBL, B&W, and B&O are working on the new connector that furnishes in devising a adapter for the existing accessories. The marketing gimmicks include giant leaps with respect to the price range of these connectors. It is becoming as a mechanism for extorting money from the customers.

Apple Lightning Adapters

The pioneered cable as per observation represents a 8-signal design with an adaptive interface and aids in durability improvement. The spotlight based on the dock connector elucidates that the connector resembles 80% smaller than the previous one. The major plus point is that the users can use it in either orientation i.e. its positional ability is reversible.

Lightning cable

Considering the gargantuan rocket prices for such small devices, cheap knockoff cables could serve the purpose in some cases. The major discombobulating statement includes the following depicted below:

They both have a warning on the Apple Store pages for the two adapters saying, “Video and iPod-out not supported”.

Important Hardware parts in the Nokia Lumia 920 getting unboxed!

As soon as the phone comes out, hear-says begin the talk in the town. UK based Geekanoids get the glorious opportunity to have an hands-on the dummy kit of the recently released Nokia 920. This organization also counter distinguished these components with the Lumia 900; this clearly differentiating the notable differences.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia sent them the special hardware components of the Nokia Lumia 920 and here we can have it on the video!

The key components that highlight the aspect of Lumia 920 are:

  • Carl Zeiss lens and optics
  • Corning Gorilla glass
  • Tantalizing Polycarbonate Red bod

Here is a video depicting the device’s internal components:

Effigy of the iPhone 5 posthastely feast your eyes on the replica!

As the rumors run breakneck and the moment’s impending arrival gets closer, here we are innumerably presented with more substantial material to form representations, statuette’s from the plethora of suppositions that have been doing the rounds with the divulging scenarios as  we approach to the official launch of the next gen iPhone.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Latest to reference our shores is a video posted by GSM Israel based on a consumer electronics show IFA 2012 in Berlin. Herewith in the video demonstrated is a figurine of the iPhone 5 that was developed to be fruitful enough to test the early case designs for the yet to be arriving next gen iPhone. With evidences from the The Verge on the dummy produced, presented tagged along are high quality photos and videos in counter distinction with iPhone 4S.

Judging by the video, it looks the same phone to iPhone 4S except for the distinguishing factor that the shown replica being longer. The design looks like another round of broken front glass again. The glass left exposed that way is prone to broken displays. While we ponder regarding with respect to the design and the external factors, it is a matter of fact that the fundamental elements of the phone are a bugger upgrade with the specifications of the higher order being inculcated into the device. An all new A6 chip with dramatic enhancements, 1GB of faster ram, battery larger in size, 4G LTE, a faster dock connector, and possibly a better FaceTime camera and NFC. The current depicted video highlights the non-functional layout or the tracing though. Considering the authenticity from the various leaks, the case manufacturers have already began production of iPhone cases being “very confident” about the new design.

The assenting of the leaks, rumors about various features and representations have been a plenty already, and it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 5 builds up excitement and matches up to our expectation levels.

Get an eyeful of the fascinating procreated iPhone5 headphones newfangled!

iPhone headphones

Times are changing, moments run through, and the habitual leaks always flow through routinely. And, we still call it as official launch on September 12th. Well, the parts have been leaked, the accessories revealed and stay unmasked the only thing that remains to be seen is a developer putting these parts tighter and checking whether the phone boots. The multifarious rumors, suppositions, leaks continue consistently as we near the launch of the next generation iPhone. Presented herewith unfolded and uncovered are now the headphones for the new iPhone. The dependability and the factualness on this particular leak is yet to be promulgated but a video was posted by Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn demonstrating these neoteric and ultramodern style of headphones[the video was later deleted]

The video that is spread out trotted to the largesse aspect of comparison with respect to the old headphones manifested on the iPhone 4S. Publishing the depicting video on the same, the site also elaborates about the production growth. The divulged content stems from Tinhte that these represented headphones come from a manufacturing unit called Foxconn plant in Vietnam. To beat the drum for their revelation the site claims that the name is displayed on the cables. Though there is no concrete dependability and trustfulness on the demonstration in the video, as a matter of fact or evidence is that Tinhte.vn has had pre-release and protoype of the Apple devices in the past. It remains to be seen what’s in store this time around?

iPhone 5 New Headphones

In a separate blog post by Tinhte, there is an attempt made to emphasize reliability on these leaked content. The post claims that the exhibited headphones are genuine and the newspiece is a reliable one. This statement is supported with the fact that scrutinizing the factors like design, quality finishing materials fabricated wire, plastic body headphones vouching for the authenticity on these.

iPhone 5 Headphone cable

Underlying to the fact that they are in-ear there are other reasons to consider them grungy and bad. Looking cool as well as uncomfortable, awful looks, poorly constructed, and crappy showcasing aesthetics, smaller (cable capable of breaking easily) from the images paraded out.

Bose Earbuds Headphones

Considering all these aspects from the unveiled new headphones, don’t these headphones carry a strange similarity to the Bose headphones?

Scrutinize the Smaller Dock Connector of the iPhone 5’s USB cable!

With the rumor mills working overtime with the leaks, rumors, descriptions about the next generation iPhone; today yet another photo of the USB cable connector surfaced up. It’s like the divulges leading up-to the launch on September 12 the buildup represents already the cat has been left out of the bag.

In the days gone by, various sources have run off the mouth citing various descriptions, parts, photos antecedently about the plethora of news being disclosed. The Cable of Apple’s smaller dock connector was the highlighted aspect with respect to the other jabber displayed around. Just recently, a photo of the entire cable was burst out by iLounge which depicted fully assembled form that easily displayed the mini dock plug with the strain relief components attached.

Apple iPhone5 mini Dock USB cable

The photo that unfolded out ostentatiously portrayed certain features which may not be implemented in the final version of the Cable. The showcased Cable not only contains some text, but also is represented with a scannable code on the cable’s USB connector portion.

The beans are spilled, its just a matter of time before the actual reality is revealed to concede our faith comparing these leaks along-side with the reality!