What is Cydia? The Best Cydia Apps

Any iDevice is an excellent piece of technology! I mean Apple really knows what the iOS users want, but still there are some modifications you desire after paying a hefty sum for your iDevice. Customization is the only thing that Apple does not(very limited) provide.

What is Cydia?
Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store; It is installed when you jailbreak your iDevice. Cydia can help you customize your iDevice. Cydia is kind of an Appstore where you can get tweaks that will change the very look of your device. Jay Freeman a.k.a ‘Saurik’ developed Cydia. The word ‘Cydia’ means worm which infests iOS with its tweaks! Continue reading

The AutoRap App helps you Rap with the help of your Apple or Android device

Wanna impress your friends by flaunting your Rap skills? No, I am not suggesting you to hire a professional Rapper to produce a song for you. What if I say you could do it for free, that too at a touch of a button? Obviously, I would be called a madman and put into an asylum. But, here it is! The developers which gave us Apps like Songify and Magic Piano, has yet again impressed the world with their new app called AutoRap. Continue reading

Best File Manager Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Copying files using iTunes is not a pleasurable experience! File Manager software provided by Apple is good, user-friendly but poor in functionality; every time you copy a file it will take you through their 6 steps of synchronization. It feels like I want to buy a ticket for a movie, but instead of just buying a seat for myself, I have to wait and see if the entire population of the country wants to go as well! Every time you plug in your iDevice, it will create a back-up (look at the bottom of the article to disable it) Most irritating thing about iTunes is it takes eons to start especially on Windows. I use iTunes only to add songs to my iPod and nothing else! Continue reading