Glimpse of an iPhone game on the statuesque screen of iPhone 5 – A marketing attempt?

As the leaks are resolute, we have already seen the persevering rumors about the parts, front panels and various other leaks go off the limit before the launch. The taller screen was an instrumentality as a spot table difference from the old model.

iPhone 5 game demonstration

A 99 cent App on the Apple Appstore and seems totally worth it considering it is simple, easy, fun, and an addictive game. The developer of Ninja Fish demonstrated a video on the next generation considering the determinant of this App’s view on the taller screen of iPhone 5. He also claims, that its the World’s first iPhone 5 game!

Though a publicity seeking stunt, there are no concrete justifications from the developer about the regard for the illustration of iPhone 5’s description or depth in knowledge of iPhone 5, but the depiction just acts as a perspective to draw a rough inference on how games would be spectacled on the speculated larger screen of the next-generation iPhone..

Click cool Retro-styled pictures with Retro Camera

Instagram started the trend of old–looking retro styled pictures. Many apps are available in the market that provide post processing of pictures; However, post-processing of images doesn’t produce superior effects as compared to pre-processing.

There aren’t many apps with give the facility of pre processing of images. Retro Camera is one of the few available which provide you this service. Retro camera is basically a camera app that provides you with several simulation models of older cameras of the retro age. This app produces some very cool old school pictures. Even the most mundane objects look really cool with this app!

To top it all, this app is available Free on the Google Play store. Another Ad free version is also available at a cost of $2.99.

There are 5 different camera effects available in this app. Each is a simulation of an actual existing camera from the retro age. They are listed as follows:

The Bärbl (Leipzig 1951)

The Barbl sample picture

The Little Orange Box (USSR 1976)

The Little Orange Box sample picture

Xolaroid 2000 (San Francisco 1972)

Xolaroid 2000 sample picture

Pinhole camera (during 1990’s)

The pinhole camera sample picture

The FudgeCan (Quebuec 1961)

The FudgeCan sample picture

Hipsteroku (Japan)

Hipsteroku sample picture

If you are a photography enthusiast then you should definitely try out this App. With loads of cameras to try out and the option to click HD pics even in the free version, the developers have really proven a point that free apps can be just as good as paid ones!

I would give this App a rating of 4 on a scale of 5!

Get the New Sony Walkman Player App on your old Xperia Android Smartphones from 2011

All the new Xperia 2012 line of phones come built in with Sony’s trademark Walkman Player App and Sound Enhancement with Beats by Dr. Dre. Now, the superior sound quality of this combo can be experienced by users owning a phone of the Xperia 2011 series too!

As compared to the older music player provided by Sony, the Walkman features Cover flow styled “Now Playing” list and a full fledged Visualizer! With some amazing looks and superior sound quality the walkman player is a must have for all the Xperia owners. Packaged with the beats audio system it gives some really deep bass effects that can blow your ears!

New Sony Xperia Walkman Player App

Here is a short Tutorial on how to get the Walkman player on your Xperia 2011 phone. This has been made possible by our friend, ThilinaC from the XDA forums.


Disclaimer: By following this tutorial you agree that the Rooting process will be implemented at your own risk. No member of this site will be responsible for any bricked phones!


  1. Once you’ve downloaded the file, place it in the root of your SDcard.
  2. Now Reboot into recovery. If you don’t know how to reboot into recovery, check our Reboot recovery tutorial.
  3. Once in Recovery mode, navigate to Flash Zip from SDcard.
  4. Then navigate to the file you downloaded.
  5. Select it and soon the zip will be flashed onto your device.
  6. Now Reboot the phone!

CONRATULATIONS! Now your Music App on the Xperia phone has been replaced by the Sony Xperia Walkman player.

SpeedX 3D Android game: Race in 3D graphics!

SpeedX 3D by Bytestorm is a brilliantly enthralling and easy to learn game for people with regalement for neon bright colors and 3D Games. The play, imagination, fun, flow, thrill, frolic and amusement is totally worth it to waste few minutes on this simple game. The game polishing is truly remarkable, and you need to see it to believe it! It has a very simple goal: Get as far as you can into the tunnel!

SpeedX 3D Android Game

SpeedX 3D is the only game currently available from the Android (Google Play)Market that supports 3D glasses which makes the action jump out at you. If you want to make use of this special feature, you will need to acquire a pair of red-cyan and green-magenta glasses. All-in-all, a dazzling accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer with amazing 3D graphics.


  • Smooth 3D graphics
  • Tilt control and easy to learn
  • Addictive and one of fastest moving game style
  • Excellent music
  • Online High score board with the recent addition of Feint support
  • Ever-changing mazes trap us, keeping the curiosity alive

Tilt your phone left and right to direct your vehicle down the track. It is a test of our reflexes because the surface keeps morphing between a twisting tunnel, a curved open space and a cylinder. You navigate through a tunnel by tilting your Droid while trying to avoid obstacles and the others that jump onto our path. Gameplay in all forms is always highly enthralling. It’s about clear choices, the creative manipulation of resources, mastery, tactics and strategy. There is nothing to specifically strategize in this game but SpeedX 3D has 4 levels of play namely: Easy, Standard, Extreme and Pure.

Recommended Changes/Updates:

  1. Ability to pull pictures from gallery and post them as obstacles
  2. Jumping over Obstacles
  3. Creating customized track
  4. Weapons to shoot obstacles (earn weapon charges)
  5. Replay/Record mode — to re-watch your wicked experience!
  6. Introduce speed control phenomenon
  7. Acquire certain stronger shields upon a specific target score generation

Download the SpeedX 3D game from the Google Play Store

PhotoFunia: Free Photo Editing App for your Smartphone

A popular PC app in the days gone by, this app usage has seen meteoric rise after its deployment on Android and iOS.

Photofunia Screenshot

PhotoFunia is a Free Photo Editing App for your iPhone and Android device. The application encompasses more than 280 effects for editing your photos. The division into various categories is represented with the discretion that these pictures can then be shared through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or transmitted via Bluetooth or simply stored in the phone’s memory.

When we go for Photo editing, there are fascinatingly different stock pictures available ranging from categories like galleries, movies, magazines, posters, advertisements, billboards etc. This App helps you to spice up your photos placing them on various drawings, magazines, celebrities, billboards and make them look fashionable!

PhotoFunia Photo Editing App

Some reasons why this app is better than similar others:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Great effects provide realistic ramifications
  • Creative, Unique and addicting
  • Face detection technology i.e  it will automatically detect your face, and replace it in the picture!

Photofunia App

As simple as a coin that has 2 sides, there will be some faults with respect to the app along with its different advantages. Some drawbacks include that it lags often, sometimes even not starting up at all. It is great to have a huge library, but then the effectiveness of browsing through the pictures turns a mess. The obstacle of all software apps is the proficiency of the face recognition mechanisms. The other uncertainty is while adjusting size of the crop while cropping photos; it is a lot tedious job as the size isn’t exactly adjustable which may result in pictures which don’t stay the way we wanted it to be. Biggest disadvantage according to me is the app can’t run on standalone device and wants a internet connection to function on!

So, what are you waiting for?  If you are a amateur Photoshop user, this App can conjecture of a crude Photoshop editor.

Want to turn simple ordinary pics into works of art or into fun/funny photos or with refined realistic effects? Go for it, use PhotoFunia!

Download from Android Play Store

[How To] Get Google Now Android App on ICS

Previously, I wrote about my Experience of using Google Now. No doubts it’s an amazing App; everyone would want this App on their Android device but, Google has launched the Google Now App only for Android Jellybean! But wait my friends, now there is a Hack to port this to your device running ICS. This method is deviced by our friends at XDA devlopers forum. [Credit to Mikeyxda] Continue reading

[How-To] Flash Recovery for Xperia devices with Locked Bootloaders with X-Parts App

This is a tutorial to flash CWM based recovery into your Xperia series device with a locked bootloader. Technically, you don’t actually flash in this process; its a much easier method unique only to Xperia devices.

For this you need to have a Rooted device!

You need this app : X-parts. This App is available free in the Google play store! Continue reading

What is Cydia? The Best Cydia Apps

Any iDevice is an excellent piece of technology! I mean Apple really knows what the iOS users want, but still there are some modifications you desire after paying a hefty sum for your iDevice. Customization is the only thing that Apple does not(very limited) provide.

What is Cydia?
Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store; It is installed when you jailbreak your iDevice. Cydia can help you customize your iDevice. Cydia is kind of an Appstore where you can get tweaks that will change the very look of your device. Jay Freeman a.k.a ‘Saurik’ developed Cydia. The word ‘Cydia’ means worm which infests iOS with its tweaks! Continue reading

The AutoRap App helps you Rap with the help of your Apple or Android device

Wanna impress your friends by flaunting your Rap skills? No, I am not suggesting you to hire a professional Rapper to produce a song for you. What if I say you could do it for free, that too at a touch of a button? Obviously, I would be called a madman and put into an asylum. But, here it is! The developers which gave us Apps like Songify and Magic Piano, has yet again impressed the world with their new app called AutoRap. Continue reading

Best File Manager Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Copying files using iTunes is not a pleasurable experience! File Manager software provided by Apple is good, user-friendly but poor in functionality; every time you copy a file it will take you through their 6 steps of synchronization. It feels like I want to buy a ticket for a movie, but instead of just buying a seat for myself, I have to wait and see if the entire population of the country wants to go as well! Every time you plug in your iDevice, it will create a back-up (look at the bottom of the article to disable it) Most irritating thing about iTunes is it takes eons to start especially on Windows. I use iTunes only to add songs to my iPod and nothing else! Continue reading