Make a Rooted Android Smartphone Run Faster!

Speed is the need of the age! Everyone wants a fast phone and those who already have a phone with a good configuration want to make it faster. There are some simple ways by which you can push the capacity of your hardware to its limit and squeeze out whatever juice you can out of it.

Here are a few simple but helpful ways to make your Android phone run faster:

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Google Now: Voice Guided Search App on Android JellyBean (my usage experience)

Voice Guided Search is said to be the “Big Thing” of today! Apple created a sensation with Siri; Samsung tried to come with an answer to Siri with its S-Voice, but failed miserably. The world was waiting for Google’s response to Siri. Obviously, Google wasn’t going to just sit and watch while Apple capture the market. With the launch of the latest version of Android Jellybean came Google’s answer to Siri called as Google Now.

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Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! Android Game helps you Practice and Improve on your Golf playing skills

Golf has always been a fascinating mobile game. Every addict of this game wants to be the next Tiger Woods(in the game) and break all records! With enhanced graphics and faster processors, games like Golf are now out in its 3D avatar for smartphones. Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! for Android is an awesome sports game, allowing you to experience the unique charm of Golf in high-end graphics and 3D. Like every Golf, here also you must try your best to the hit the holes in the least number of strokes. Continue reading