BlackBerry Acquires 26.9 % of the Market Share in Mexico

Slowly and steadily as Blackberry manages to take strides to improve its position in the already competitive smartphone market, here are some positive lowdowns that enlighten the state of affairs in the current market scenario.

Although at present the roadway to success appears dark for the Canadian company, there are still some positive tidings that can contribute towards proving the saving grace of the company. It can be seen that some markets continue their resurgence despite the fact that Blackberry is losing out a huge market share in competition to other rival competitors.blackberry-logo Continue reading

What Makes A Good Smartphone Camera?? [Infographic]

With the advent in technology, there are a plethora of revelations being produced along the passage of time. Every innovation arrives with its exclusive set of features and functionalities and tries its streak of luck to mark a presence in the competitive market. There are devices introduced with exceptional cameras whilist we are also bestowed to camera smartphones which present their peculiar distinctive appeal with the heterogeneous set of functionalities.smartphone camera

As more and more individuals get fascinated by excelling cameras provided by smartphones, the urge to click photos has increased to a large extent with camera enthusiasts now wanting to click at every instant. The craze of integrating social networks with photo applications is highly responsible for individuals and their stimulant to share photos across these platforms. In basic layman terms, individuals usually will prefer a camera with high megapixel count which often results in the competition between smartphones dishing out better image quality being marked out separately by users. Continue reading

Verizon exclusive Blackberry Z30 to be introduced shortly, will go on sale soon

Presently it was known that the BlackBerry Z30 will arrive on the Verizon carrier in the US, but there was no information presented on the date when it would arrive.

The company is trying to gain a foothold in the market by attempting to recapture its position in the smartphone industry. It is construed that the flagship device will be introduced for a price of $199.99 (£126) on the Verizon carrier for a 2 year contract. Customers can purchase this device from Verizon’s website and Verizon users have a beneficial deal wherein they can acquire this device by paying up $22.91 a month (for 2 years) utilizing the Edge upgrade plan.verizon-z30 Continue reading

Leaked images show Google Play Store running on BlackBerry 10.2.1

BlackBerry, once a giant in smartphone world, has seen their sales plummet since the emergence of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. BlackBerry tried to make a comeback with a revamped BlackBerry 10 OS but it didn’t attract much attention. This was mostly due to far less number of apps that were available for BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry are working on their newest 10.2.1 OS and a leaked image shows Google Play Store running on BlackBerry 10.2.1. This is renewed attempt by BlackBerry to increase their market share after making BBM available for Android and iOS platforms.


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Check out the new Gameplay video of Angry Birds Go! [Teaser]

A while ago, back in June there were lowdowns and other teasers that displayed an Angry Birds-themed kart racing game. During the time that this surfaced up, such a game was in the works and at present this game dubbed as Angry Birds Go has been publically released for consumer’s view. The functionality of this game includes 3D Piggy Island as the location wherein a plethora of characters encompassing unique special powers and a fully rendered 3D world are shown.Angry-Birds-Go-teaser- Continue reading

Fully Working BBM for Android APK now available [Updated]

Blackberry had announced this week that BBM for Android and iOS would be launched today. However, while the app has been launched for iOS in some countries, the Android version is nowhere yet to be seen. Blackberry tweeted from their official BBM twitter account about a possible delay in launching it on the Play Store but no further details were made available as to the extent or the cause of the delay.

Now however, we have exclusively gained the apk of the BBM app for Android. There were many fake apps doing the rounds on Play Store as well as non working apk of the app. However, this apk that we are sharing is fully working as you can see from the screenshots as well.

BBM for android signup page Continue reading

BlackBerry Messenger Reportedly taking the Cross-Platform plunge on June 27 [Updated]

Just previously we had seen the developments regarding the announcement of BBM to be facilitated onto other platforms like iOS and Android. Along these lines, we have been broadcasted to thse lowdowns that the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service will be arriving onto iOS and Android this summer. This has been implemented to expand the existing network of 60 million monthly active users by supplementing a broader cross-platform messaging solution.

SlashGear has directed our attention to a Tweet from T-Mobile UK which claims that BBM will be launching soon on the iOS and Android platforms on June 27.

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BlackBerry Announces the Launch of BBM on Android and iOS This Summer


BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has announced that BlackBerry Messenger, popularly known as BBM will be available on the Android and iOS platforms from this summer.

This does not come as a surprise since BlackBerry is no longer considered as the best platform for the Smartphones. Since the inception of iOS and Android, there has been a huge decline in the number of BlackBerry users. BlackBerry has tried to crawl back with the BB10 OS and now making BBM multi-platform is another big step.
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Get Appearance of BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone now

Slowly and steadily as BlackBerry 10 aggrandizes its course to mark a presence in user’s lives, here we are treated to a preview of the BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device This brand new operating system called BlackBerry 10 has surfaced up to create a buzz amongst the mobile phone users. According to certain reports, the Canadian mobile manufacturer has managed to sell one million of its all-new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones; which are running the latest software. With the presented lowdowns, it is estimated that these reported a fourth quarter profit of $98 million.

The aforementioned operation of facilitating BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device can be manifested in this easy manner. You need to simply go to the Safari on your iPhone and go to for the first appearance of BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry-10-logo-
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How to Apply Themes to any Blackberry device

Customization on your own device is a usual concept employed by the individuals. This can range from changing wallpapers to altering settings, changing themes or altering other features. In this fashion as we advance forward in time in conjunction with the developing technology, the range of devices produced by the manufacturing giants continue to amaze everyone with the extensive list of features that are dished out for the individuals.

As Blackberry tries to retain its position in the lives of business professionals, the incremental growth associated with the device just keeps improving with every passing instance. However, the customization aspect is very limited or scarce in comparison to the iOS or the Android platforms. Hence, every chance needs to be grabbed when customization can be employed on the device. Therefore, applying newer and better themes on your handset can serve as a beneficial approach towards achieving the customization on the particular device. Presented below we explain a sequential procedure on how you can install themes on your handheld Blackberry device.Blackberry
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