How to Transfer your contacts from Blackberry To iPhone

During the time that a user works with the current handset, there is no problem associated with respect to transferring contacts or anything. However, when the individual switches from one phone to another, transferring contacts is a tedious task. This is during the instances when a person purchases a new device and thus raising this problem of passing the contacts possession to other device. Many a times, it may so happen that a user switches from blackberry to iPhone. In such cases, the process below will depict a perfect solution to the governing problem. As iPhone surfaces up ascending growth over the Blackberry, it is a notable process to keep a note of such scenarios that may exist along the course of time. Blackberry to iPhone
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How to Use Multiple Apps at once on your Blackberry

During the time that BlackBerry gains popularity & sets its stance as a significant competitor in the market, the faithful BlackBerry users will continue to rise with every new revelation. It is a frequent sight to see BlackBerry being used by variety of individuals. We occasionally have a glimpse of BlackBerry handset vividly taken noticed in various places. This can range right from the individuals in the bus, train, the street to the working professionals in cafe, offices etc.

As well all know, there are plenty of features that are resident with the BlackBerry device. A plethora of applications are also existent. At a particular instance of time, it may so happen that the user will want to multi-task during a specific activity. An example of the same can be that a person will want to listen to music at the time of opening a certain email.multiple apps on BlackBerry at once Continue reading

How to Remove an App from your Blackberry phone

Every particular device has specific amount of storage dedicated towards installation of applications on the particular device. Thus, certain amount of apps can be installed on the device. if at any instance of time when the allocated memory gets full and there is no more space for the storage of various apps, the user will need to remove certain apps to dedicate more space on the device for the installation of other applications. If these circumstances get associated with a new Blackberry user, the individual is bound to get irritated if he/she does not how the apps can be removed on the handset. There may be other reasons also which could be the cause for the deletion of apps. These may depend from one individual to other.

Removal of apps on a BlackBerry is an effortless procedure which is as easy when compared to the installation of these apps on the particular device. It is as simple as a child’s play. One of the common reason to remove apps from the phone maybe that the particular application consumes large amount of size on the BlackBerry making the device slower, thus the removal very eminent in such cases. The other case would be that the user no longer requires the specific app & hence wants to get rid of the app.apps on BlackBerry Continue reading

How to instantly push Links from any desktop browser to any Smartphone

Slowly and steadily as technology evolves by leaps and bounds, the ease of use which is facilitated for the users keeps on improving with every passing instance. Thus, as we advance forward to better disclosures with respect to time the functionality provided by each revelation just keeps bettering the previous ones that are released.
As Smartphones act as mini computers, the aspect of convenience associated in regard for these devices just keeps improving over the course of time. Thus, having an operational service which aids in transferring links, text, images directly on the specific Smartphone is of major significance as it helps in saving time, energy. The best part of the operation is it works on almost all Smartphones, tablets.
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Find the True Indentity of Unknown Callers using TrueCaller App


Who isn’t pestered by telemarketing calls? Sometimes it gets so frustrating when the phone rings in the middle of an important meeting or a short noontime nap, just to discover that it was a telemarketing call. Ever wished that you could recognize who is calling you when an unknown number rings? There is an answer to all your solutions. Truecaller is a packaged solution to all your problems. Truecaller is a multiplatform supported global directory that can recognize almost any number all around the world.

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Interesting features in the all New Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry smartphones were one of the first to be launched in the market. It’s features specially the Blackberry Messenger had become a rage among the teens and the adults alike. But since the inception of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, there has been a sharp decline in the sale of the Blackberry phones.

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BlackBerry provides making free calls over Wi-Fi with the changed & improved BBM v7.0

Recently in the news that gather the headlines, include the tidings that vividly present out an update to the BBM i.e. the BlackBerry Messenger. As the narrations surface up with respect to its recital, RIM has provided this update that delivers the functionality to make free voice calls. These specific benefits can be reproduced to other BlackBerry users over Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry BBM
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