Apple collaborates with Amazon for the exclusive sale of CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; children’s training toilet with support arm for iPad

Officially introducing something on the lines of “iThingy“ is a customary practice for Apple. Before the launch of their products, a mysterious secrecy is accentuated with the ascent of speculative rumors and several other itemizations.  The cryptic writings are always unrevealed and these products come into sight with huge surprises as they mark their presence over the course of time. During the time that such revelations are officially announced, the excitement levels associated with Apple’s products just keeps rolling out newer pastures.

Along these lines, users can turn their attention to the newest entrant in Apple’s illustrious category of products. Originally featured as a product by Amazon, dubbed as the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; Apple has collaborated with Amazon for the exclusive sale of this handy product.iPotty Continue reading

Fool Your Friends with SwiftKey Tilt Android Keyboard

On April 1st, like many Companies like Google, SwiftKey also decided to prank it’s fans with the “so-called” feature addition to their Famous Android Keyboard app, called as the SwiftKey Tilt! SwiftKey Tilt claims to give you a Full Body typing experience. It was an almost convincing feature by SwiftKey. The company didn’t only release an official statement along with a video to advertise it’s “new” feature they also left an Easter egg in it’s latest update.

You can View the Video of SwiftKey Tilt here:

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Here we present to you “Underpants for your iPhone”

Traditionally, accessories constitute to be a very important part of consumer’s lives. These serve as the end factors in dishing out the necessary easy to use experience for the users while also cultivating to serve a vital presence with respect to the handset. Every accessory is unique and this is accompanied with an amalgamation of technologies that enriches the overall aspect and improves the standard of living for the user.

During the time that iPhone revolutionizes its presence as an integral part and parcel of consumer’s life situations; an interesting set of developments has surfaced up. These dispatchments have the potential to amaze each and every individual leaving them awestruck with the kind of revelation that is in store for the particular masses. According to various hearsays and reports coming in for various corners, it is construed that very soon the consumers will have SmartPants for their iPhone. This is notably regarded as a smart underpant for your iPhone.smartphone-underpants
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Apple to sue a Fruit grower for stealing their Company name

Previously, we have had a glimpse of the various developments that were evidently visible subsequent to the invention of Apple’s outstanding maps. As we had had reported earlier from the Apple maps article that the various incidents that had been found surfacing up at a later time. These were notified in our previous snippet and a quick look about the same was perceptible at that moment.

As our hearsays present their stories, marking their arrival are several reports that currently act as a breakthrough and serve as a striking progression to Apple’s foothold in the market. These reports have been manifested and are presented out spreading the ascension of a new court case coming up in the furtherance to these developments.

Apple grower sued

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Bamboozling Apple maps- The lost case of the unparalleled geographies

There have been consistent disappointments expressed from various corners on the flak Apple’s new maps have received. However, the only glimmer of light in this doomed situation is at least now Apple can trigger a competition. A assemblage of half baked maps were dished out by the Apple which replaced Google maps in iOS 6 highlighting’s it’s functionality as hardly mature product. The primarily important reason that is noted here is that these maps were produced to grab a strange-hold of the Apple faithful and the loyal descent of this family.

So its a Lost Mapportunity or a tale of unparalleled geographies? Only Time will Tell!

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Apple Ninja-ed apart after Samsung unveils its new Patented shape for its upcoming Flagship Smartphone

After being put to the walls by Apple’s accusation on the patent infringement it’s a case of putting the cards on the table now. The verdict about the patent served blatant reminder to the cruel competition in the market & the minimal chance to seize the initiative & grab forth stranglehold marking a presence. Just as we saw Samsung pulled back in the tug of war, here with we are demonstrated with its mastermind work that enhances the overall appearance of the ongoing fight.

After the arbitrament, it’s was a motive of acting fast and quick and re-claiming the importance or the respect in the competitive world and amongst rivals. Samsung undermined this possibility in a fantastically deviant manner. Apple cribbed over the rounded designs, so Samsung clinically washed out rounded corners from any further patents available. As hear-says notably pin point, certain individuals working behind this project were asked to pay minute attention to each centimeter/ millimeter pertaining to these designs so that Apple can’t even sue mini.
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iPot : Apple expected to bring an alternative to the traditional household pot

After the launch of their magnificent product iPhone 5, Apple’s latest technology innovation in a daily product is the ultimately feasts one’s eyes. Literally, can be used after the feast! It’s none other than the iPot – latest imagination and originality that is brought out to the public’s view with the hard efforts taken behind for research and development.

The commodity with the overdue arrival will make its presence felt with the mandatory emergence with reference to bowel movements. Launching such a product will serve the company in good stead with the users wanting to purchase this product with its immense use in day-to-day life scenario.  Continue reading