How to Download and Play Temple Run 2 Game on PC

The Temple Run 2 game does not need any introduction for Smartphone users. It is quite likely that you have either played it to your heart’s extent or watched someone play it till the longest of times. But, Playing Temple Run 2 on PC is a nice experience too.
Temple Run 2
If you don’t happen to own a Smartphone or wish to Play Temple Run 2 on your Desktop or Laptop computer, we can help you. You can check out our new series where we tell you how you can play Android Apps on PC, where we started with the tutorial to Download WeChat for PC. So, How to Install and Run Temple Run 2 Game on PC? Continue reading

Download and Install WeChat Android App on Windows PC

Ever since the dawn of the mobile era, our dependence on Smartphones increased greatly. The day has come when we wish to have the functionality and Apps available on our Smartphone ported to our Desktop and Laptop computing devices for seamless use.
WeChat App
Among the most popular Chat Messaging Clients on Smartphones is the WeChat App for Android, WP8 and iOS. The App is created by Tencent technologies, and has more than 300 million users across various platforms.

If you don’t happen to have a Smartphone, you can still connect with your friends using the WeChat App on their Smartphones through WeChat running on your Desktop or Laptop computer. So, How to Install and Run WeChat on PC? Continue reading