Make your rooted phone faster using the V6 supercharger Script

The major reason for rooting an Android phone is making it faster. Who doesn’t want good processing speed? In an article written by me I had explained various ways to make your phone run faster. However by popular demand I decided to write a more elaborate article on How V6 Supercharger makes your phone faster and how to run it on your device.

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Rooting technique for most ICS/JB based Android phones

Rooting your android phone has never been any easier than this. If you are running a ICS or JB based firmware this techniques is the best and easiest way to root your android smartphone.

If you are unsure about rooting your device you can know more about the advantages and risks of rooting your device. You can also get more information about what are the generic steps you can take before rooting your device. This technique requires you to run a script in your PC to root your device it’s almost a one click process without much efforts to be taken.

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Kingsoft Office for Android- Excellent vicarial to Microsoft Office

A Free Office Suite?

Yes indeed! With a user friendly dazzling UI, seriously that’s not a illusion or a dream now –  but productivity at it’s best! We come across so many applications on the Play Store but all of them are expensive. Kingsoft Office kills this peculiarity and the typical feature by Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited’s succor with its endowment to the Androiders.

As smartphones have become almost like a portable pocket computer nowadays, having Office Suite is a desideratum for businessmen, analysts and serves a tremendous opportunity for statistical users together with other users.

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