A great feature that was introduced in the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 was the lockscreen widget. The user can keep the widgets on the lockscreen and get useful information with a quick glance without having to unlock the screen. If an individual is unhappy with the stock lockscreen widget, then he/she can utilize a very useful app – DashClock Widget.


DashClock Widget offers another option to the user in terms of lockscreen widgets. It comes bundled with several widgets – weather, missed calls and texts, Gmail, and your next calendar appointment.

Adding the widget to the lockscreen of the Android device is a very simple task. Just swipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch the “+” icon. Then, select “DashClock” to customize and add the widget.

Another reason to use the DashClock Widget is the extensions that can be installed to this app. There are two extensions available with this app – DashCallLog and DashNet.


DashCallLog displays the call log of the phone and the user can personally change the settings to include/remove the latest call, last incoming calls, outgoing calls, and calls you may have missed. Of each call, the call type (i.e. incoming, outgoing, missed), caller name, date and time, and duration will be displayed. Both the date format and individual call symbols can be personalized with multiple options available. Once selected, this opens up the call history.


DashNet is another handy DashClock extension that simply informs the user of statistics regarding the network, be it WiFi or mobile connection. It’s an expandable widget that conveniently shows SSID, IP, and speed if the user is connected to WiFi. For mobile connections, the widget tells about the connection type and operator name. Once tapped, the app displays a more extensive list of statistics such as signal strength, gateway, and network activity.

DashClock Widget is a very popular app among the users. It has received a very high 4.8 average rating on the Google Play Store. It is a free app and only compatible on the Android devices running on versions 4.2 and above.

Download DashClock Widget from here.

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