Traditionally, Bing is the search engine which is provided in the Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 8. Thus, it’s understandable that search results or the search queries are completed further by Bing when the particular individual searches anything by going on to the address bar.

There may be a possibility that the user will want to try out a different search engine in order to facilitate his intended search target. This can also be a reason as a preference for a respective search engine or this can liking dependent on something specific with respect to the search engine. In such a situation the individual will want to use a different search engine than the default. However, the only issue will be that how the user can perform this operation on his/her Windows Phone 8 device. Therefore, described below is a simple tutorial that facilitates this aspect and serves as a solution to the given task.WindowsPhone 8


  1. Initially, you should launch Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone 8 handset. This can be easily found in the phone’s tiles provided in the app list and displayable as an IE icon.Internet Explorer
  2. After the browser is loaded, tap the three dots that are visible to open the menu. Now, choose Settings from the given out list.
  3. Momentarily on the settings page, you should scroll below at the bottom. Here, choose advanced settings.Tap Advanced Settings
  4. At this moment, you need to find the Default search provider option from the settings and tap on it. There are choices shown below the option. Here, you should tap on Google & that can be set as your default search engine.
  5. After these operations are performed, go to the main browser screen. Subsequently, try a search query in the address bar. Instantly after you hit the arrow key, straightaway the displayed search result is from Google.Changing the default search engine
  6. Repeat the same steps in case you want to choose Bing instead of Google.

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