The hoopla that surrounded around the launch of the new generation phone was met with mixed responses. There were jubilations & celebrations within the Apple faithful camp; others criticized the new handset drawing in comparisons with other devices juxtaposing them with iPhone 5 in the competitive market.

Beyond shadow of doubt, the dust has settled in & now as well look forward to statistics with respect to the market shares, or wed usage or others in particularization there are plausible understandings to notify the same. There, a question arises What if we take a 180 degree turn to all the above discussions & place a change in direction from double-backing from iOS to Android?

iOS vs android

Let’s manifest this turnabout in a proper orderly fashion demonstrating the sequential fashion:


It was of a meritorious manner that the exclusive iOS apps were the popular trending ones & heralded their own splendor. Previously, these apps made out their way only on Apple devices & their existence was limitable to one platform only. The individuals using Android devices were treated to the imitations in the form of a just near to same replica of the particular app. Nowadays, after the ascended control & the escalating development of Android handsets has surfaced up the ladder, the developers have often been seen placing these apps for both systems now. Parading this trend in the earnest upheaval, the games remain completely contrasted to this elevating progression. The drifting signifance of other apps though hasn’t made the way for the games to flourish in the Android world. Hence, the iOS hallmarks like Plants vs Zombies, Chrono Trigger, or Infinity Blade on Google Play are hard pressed to be found. The baring behind this is the tendency of reluctance by developers with respect to porting games to Android.

The grandstand flourishments that appear in counter distinction with the Apple’s originality are the features provided & the exhibitioned widgets that provide a bodacious attempt with respect to differences  With a plethora of services provided by these home-screen apps, these fashioned features come as a additional benefit from switching from iOs to Android. These noteworthy widgets from from Accuweather Forecasts & pronouncing ones like Radio Playlists along-with the benchmarks utilities provided by Android like Gmail, Calendar, and Voice Search come as a welcoming change as we undergo the mentioned transformation. The major standout availability that is proposed is the customization prospect that Android brings out in superior advancements to the user. There are in numerous launchers to set change for the replacement as native app launcher, or backgrounds, or ringtone suite to customize the device as easily as possible. Additionally, Google maps will be a memorable return after the iO6 Apple maps bandwagon.  Last but not the least, the entire aspect of the phone can be altered with the options available.

Contacts and Calendars

After one makes a turnover from a handset to other device, the major striking attempts include the transfer of contacts, migration of calendar dates. The outstanding possibility of this metamorphosis is presented by a Google or Gmail account itself(as long as iOS 3.0 or above is used). The following are the course of actions that need to be undertaken for the process to be carried out:

  • Initially, go to settings on the iPhone. Select settings. These include Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  • A “Microsoft Exchange” account needs to be setup up on the handset. Even if an individual is trying to import from Gmail, this aspect is undertaken.
  • Thereupon, after the account is made login info is inputted along with the email address. A domain name is entered if at all there is actual ME server available. Customarily Gmail users leave it blank.
  • Subsequently, there is selection of the server & then post hoc the ME server address is inputted or traditionally “” for Gmail counterparts.
  • Eventually as the final screen appears, there is affirmation on the things that need to be imported at this moment. Hence, the required entities from Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and/or Reminders are chosen & thereupon click accept.
  • There is substitute for the same procedure by using iTunes, if that is preferred by the individual. In this phenomenon, the contact’s vital fields get embraced. These may include names, job titles, email, postal addresses, phone numbers etc. the vital steps that need to be performed to undergo this functionality are:
  • iPhone needs to be mounted as a external drive. This is done by attaching a USB cable to the computer & then afterwards opening iTunes.
  1. From the left hand side pane, the device is selected i.e. iPhone selected & info tab needs be opened by clicking on it.
  2. Next, choose Sync contacts & latterly Google Contacts are picked from the drop down.
  3. Off the pace, google login needs to be entered. When signed in, assent & approve to sync.
  4. This process is to be undertaken keeping in mind that the Sync with Google option should be disabled. This is because, if not disabled the redundant entries would be copied in the contacts list.


Mounting the iPhone is a necessary when transfer of all the media is requirement. The mounting presents the iPhone as an external drive.

Steps if using a PC:

  • Open Explorer & location of the files is earmarked onto the desktop after carefully finding their positioning in the system.
  • Image Capture is an exquisite method used by Mac users which aids in downloading these files to the desktop. For OSX users, using ICS version of Android, Android File Transfer Utility is downloaded for drag & drop.
  • Ensuingly Android is connected; media files are transferred to the required location or the appropriate destination folder.  Android doesn’t sync with iTunes(as expected),  hence a backup option of Google Play can be used that allows to store as well as upload tracks or another functionality in the form of Amazon Cloud Player can be used as a alternative(it offers 5GB space for uploaded tracks) to the whole process.
  • Another app that can be seized to resolve our purpose is the iSyncr by JRTStudio. This app is a excellent one providing useful functionality allowing to sync music, media, playlist, and podcast with iTunes. Also wireless syncing to itunes is possible if phone is connected to same Wifi.

Other advantageous applications for transferring SMS are available, these notable include syncing text messages among your various devices—phones, tablets, laptops & are compatible with both platforms. Other instrumental programs like PhoneView and iExplorer provide profitable sources for pulling data from iTunes backup logs.


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