Suppose you are playing a game on an Android device. And you want to change the music track or stop it. For this purpose, the user has to exit the game or minimize it, go to the music player and then change/stop the music track. This becomes a bit annoying and it breaks the flow of the game. It is possible to avoid this situation by using an app named Floating Music Controls.

Floating Music Control

Floating Music Controls allows an individual to easily control the music tracks while playing a game or for that matter doing any activity on the Android device. No need to exit any app to change the music. This app will hover over the existing app and let you control the music. Upon start up, a simple app logo can be seen in the corner of the screen, which upon being touched, expands into a bar displaying play/pause, previous and next selections. A persistent notification in the pull-down notification area can be toggled on or off, and the floating controls can either be hidden with a shake of the device or timed out after five seconds.


Some features :

  • Presence of the pause, next and previous buttons
  • Ability to hide the buttons by tapping the main icon
  • Configurable opacity
  • Can be easily closed once finished using it
  • Works with almost any music player

As mentioned above, Floating Music Controls works with almost all the music players. The music player that is used must allow to configure the use of the “Headset Control”.

When app is started for the first time, the user will not see any music control or notification. This is because default settings are Silent service and Timeout window display, so the user will have to start playing music with any music player and the window will be shown.

Floating Music Controls is in the beta stage so it is still not perfect. It is compatible with Android 2.1 and above. This app has two versions on the Google Play Store-  Free and Pro. The Pro version has more features- controls can be moved by dragging the main icon and volume control.

Download the Free version from here.
Download the Pro version from here.

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