Android is well known for its ability to let the user customize almost ever aspect of the UI, functioning, features everything that is possible within the bounds of a software. Hence it is also possible to change the system font of the UI of your device running android OS. Things can get a little monotonous by seeing the same old boring font everywhere from your PCs, Phones, Tabs, etc. So why not spice up life a little and change a few fonts here and there.

Changing Fonts in Android is almost as easy as a click! That’s how easy and convenient it is. However this option is available only for users with Root access to their phones. If you wish to change the font of your device you can download this app called “Font Installer *ROOT*“. This app is developed by JRummy. It is a no nonsense app which is FREE of cost.

Font Installer Preview Mode

Notice: This app wont function if you do not have root access.

  • Using this app is extremely easy.
  • Once you launch the App you’ll get a long list of all available fonts on the online server.
  • You may browse through it and choose a particular font that you wish to set as your default font for the System UI.
  • Just tap the font you wish to set then press on “preview” to see how the font will look.
  • Then press install and reboot your device to see the changes.
  • But prior to you change your font press the menu button and select “Backup/Restore” and backup your current font so that if anything goes wrong you can just revert back to the stock system font.
  • If you wish to select a font of your own choice all you have to do is place the Font ttf file in the SD card and navigate to the older in which you placed the font and follow the same process described above. Font Installer - Restore Font

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