Traditionally, iCloud has been a helpful utility for various iOS users. Besides iCloud, Apple integrating iMessage has also been an advantageous facility. The tool has been very popular with Apple users and it is an easy procedure to change the iMessage phone number during the time that individuals change numbers using same carrier or switch to a different carrier. The following post explains how such a task can be performed in the easiest of manners.iMessage on iPhone


  1. To start with, you will need to turn off iMessage. This can be done by navigating to settings. Next scroll down the list and simply click on Messages. Switch OFF iMessage from here.
  2. Because you need to re-send SMS activation for iMessage, you will need to turn OFF iMessage.
  3. Next, press power down and wait. You will need to wait 5-10 mins before you jump onto next step.
  4. Edit your phone number detail in this section. You need to recheck whether the number details have got reflected on your iPhone.
  5. Go to Settings → Phone and ensure that “My Number” displays the new number. Edit here, if it’s not displayed.
  6. Recheck your iPhone on whether the time & date settings are set to automatic. These can be found by going Settings → General → Date & Time.
  7. Next, Turn ON iMessage now. Go Messages settings and then turn ON iMessage. Traditionally this operation leads in sending a SMS to Apple’s servers. Hereafte, iMessage should get activated for the new number.
  8. Check “Send & Receive As” field now. Here you should be able to see a tick on your new number on a grayed out area.
  9. Incase this field has your old number or it appears empty, then you will have to perform the steps again.

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