What is USB OTG?

It stands for USB on-the-go. USB OTG is a technology that allows you to connect your smartphone’s micro USB port to the standard USB. It is a specification that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host allowing a USB flash drive, mouse, or keyboard to be attached.

However not all phones or rather not all ROMs support USB OTG. To know whether your device has USB OTG support there is a tool available. This tool is called as  USB Host Diagnostics. This tool is helps in finding the USB Hosting capability of your device. USB OTG is a very hot feature on Android however on many stock firmware/ROMs it is broken or not completely functional. Many manufacturers promise Complete USB Host capabilities, but in reality it doesn’t function properly. However you can use this tool to diagnose your phones USB hosting capabilities.


  • Android 2.3 or higher.
  • USB OTG cable.
  • Root access(Optional)
  • USB Memory stick(for testing purpose)
  • USB Host Diagnostics app from Google Play


  1. Download the app from the market to the device on which you wish to test the USB hosting capability.
  2. When you launch the app you will see a screen like this:USB Host Diagnostics - main screen
  3. Now disconnect anything that’s plugged into your device’s micro USB port.USB Host Diagnostics - Start Diagnostics
  4. Press the Start Diagnostic button.
  5. Now the app will prompt you to connect the USB OTG cable to the device.
  6. Connect the USB flash drive to the other end of the USB OTG cable.
  7. When you connect the USB OTG cable you may be prompted by android system to select an app to run, press back button to return to diagnostic tool.
  8. If you aren’t prompted wait for 20 seconds if still not prompted press the back button regardlessly.USB Host Diagnostics - Diagnosing
  9. You’ll be prompted whether you’ve connected the USB OTG or not respond accordingly.
  10. At the end of diagnostic you would be asked to upload the result to the online database. Press OK so that the online database is updated which helps to keep an accurate data about USB hosting capabilities of various devices you can see the Online database here.
  11. Once the diagnostic is done scroll down on the main screen to see whether your device supports USB hosting or not.


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