As the advancements rise through in the current economy, several devices with higher configurations or moderate configurations with affordable prices come up. Thus, there are classifications as the high-end phones or low end phones. The notable features that constitute the distinguishing aspects include the processor & the smart capabilities that are provided by a set of these devices. Certain handsets can be embedded with a processor capable of handling multiple applications, but these can be running unintermittedly making the device slow & sharing the processor speed amongst these running applications.

Evidently, we are acquainted with task manager on a PC or Windows, in the similar vein the android OS also plausibly has the existence of a task manager. This is presented to provide a view of the applications that are running currently on the handset. An easy procedure is instrumental zed to view the applications that are currently running on the handheld device. It is common juncture that when an individual is presented with a smartphone, multitasking aspect is the particular phenomenon that is visible when smartphones are used.

It is and advisable feature to close each application by using the back button to ensure that the application has closed completely. But, nevertheless sometimes it may so happen that quitting a particular application can be repeatedly done by pressing the home screen key which contributes to slowing down the smartphone & draining the battery life. The reason of this is evident because of the existent applications that continue to run in the background after they are exited pressing the home key than the back button.

Option 1:

This option is an easier method to determine the required applications that are currently running on the particular device. This is done by pressing the home screen key & holding the same for few seconds. The result obtained is the set of applications that are presently active, showing at-most 6 applications depicted explain-ably.

Option 2:

  • From the apps displayed select Task Manager. Now you’ll be presented with a list of applicsations that are running. Select End to close any you do not need, or press End all to close the lot.
  • After selecting Task Manager from the applications that are displayed, we are presentedwith a list that are currently running in the background. Now, selection is done of the apps which are currently wanted to be kept active, the others can be discarded. This is done by selecting “END” to close that are not needed and if all apps need to be closed then press “END ALL”.

  • Another alternative route is available to direct it to this particular requirement:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Running Services

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