The camera on a handset is a great utility for taking awesome pictures on the go. It is an advantageous facility for enthusiasts who love clicking pictures during the time that they find something interesting. Pictures substantiate a great deal in reflecting specific moment of your surroundings. Moreover, for some users it is just a hobby whereas for the others it is way of displaying these photography skills around in the public view by uploading them on social networks etc.

However merely clicking pictures and putting in the efforts to capture the specific moment can be a tedious task over the course of time. But advantageous facilities like earning something in return by selling these snaps is a propitious aspect indeed. Thus it is an easy approach to earn money for the photography enthusiasts. This is done by the virtue of converting the specific image into a resultant stock photo which assists the progress in earning rich amounts for the picture.
Along these lines, a free app called Clashot provides the necessitated functionalities of taking pictures, editing them and eventually submitting the specific ones to photo marketplace. These can be based upon the preference of the user. At the beginning when you download and install the specific app, you are directed to set up an account and then you are good to go.clashot-app

The app works in a simple fashion. The user simply has to take photos with their iPhone and then later upload these on their handset. Hereafter, the user has to simply submit them into their Photobank. Also, it is a notable aspect that the creativity part plays a major role constituting such facilitations. Additionally after an individual uploads the specific image, this particular image is visible to the entire community. Thus this proves beneficial over the course of time as the individual is entitled to receive ratings, comments and suggestions by his/her friends or any other member.

The user benefits by receiving a 44% commission if the individual’s image gets purchased in the realms of possibilities. Therefore any user can earn lot of money if he/she is a photographic enthusiast and who loves clicking and uploading pictures. Also, the user can transfer these particularized funds using a PayPal or WebMoney account. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Thus Clashot is a fantastic marketplace from where individuals can earn lot of money by simply taking photography to a next level. Also, the app provides a great community with diversity existent from across the world. Thus a lot of tips and tricks are available for the users.

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