Usual users of iCloud will have an idea that iOS 6’s native web browser possesses the option to visit iCloud inside the bookmarks. However, many users would have wished for the presence of a separate tab for the particularized purpose. This is due to the fact that the native option isn’t a convenient solution with the referencing situation.

CloudLover is a beneficial functionality that aims to solve the problem. This is done by the virtue of allowing several users to utilizing the existent buttons on the browser and adding gestures to them for simple access to the synced tabs.CloudLover

At the beginning after you download and install the tweak, a menu for the particularized jailbreak app appears in the stock Settings app. Here the user can view two different toggles for the user. Additionally there is the availability of the developer’s info.

Generally the tabs and the bookmarks are the specified icons of Safari that can be used for creating a shortcut to iCloud. Thus the user can configure the same and then stay re assured that the tabs won’t lose their original purpose. This is due to the fact that the tweak embarks into existence only after the user long-presses the respective buttons just after configuring the specific ones to be redirected to iCloud. The user has the facility to keep all these tabs functional by simply tapping on them every single time. Also, specific gestures can be assigned to the different tabs. However the user has to note that sometimes the gesture may not work even after the user has assigned it. The user should stop Safari and remove it from the App Switcher tray and restart again. Surely, the gesture will work again.

CloudLover is an advantageous facility which is free of cost & can be downloaded from Cydia’s ModMyi repository. Also it efficiently works on devices running iOS 6 and above.

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