Windows Phone 7 has an app for playing music named CloudMuzik. It is a Google Music client for WP7 that was essential for Google Music fans running the platform because there were no other options. So if an individual has a Google Music account with loads of songs stored in the account, then CloudMuzik can be used to play those songs on the Windows Phone.


Initially, CloudMuzik was only available for the devices running on Windows Phone 7. However, a developer from XDA has been successful in porting it to the Windows Phone 8. The CloudMuzik app released for WP8 is better than that on the WP7 with the number of bugs reduced considerably. Some of the features of CloudMuzik are:

  • Full Library support
  • Full Refresh of music library
  • Refresh of latest songs uploaded
  • Playlist support
  • Social sharing of current song
  • Repeat and Shuffle capabilities
  • Pinning of Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre to Start
  • Background Audio
  • Local song caching


This app has been updated time and again to improve the quality and also reduce the number of bugs. The latest version of CloudMuzik has incorporated some changes- stability fixes, allow deletion of cached songs from within settings menu, song position picks back up where you left off when paused for a while, fixed issues with duplicate songs, added ability to rate app from within application bar menu.

CloudMuzik is still undergoing some development and it is still not bug free. So there might be some odd problems that will be encountered by the user. But considering that it is the only Google Music client available for the Windows Phone, it does the job quite well. 

Download CloudMuzik from here.

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