Today’s youth have a habit of clicking loads of images during an event. Some people like to click images just for fun. Nowadays, Smartphones come with an excellent camera which helps the users to click great pictures. Some phones have a 8 MP or even a 13 MP camera. While these cameras take great pictures, the memory consumed by them is also too much. Majority of the data on the SD card is consumed by games and applications, so the user wouldn’t want that the images add to their storage space problems. This is where an app named Image Optimizer is extremely useful. It is available on the Google Play Store for free.

Image Optimzer 1

Image Optimizer helps in reducing the image sizes without compromising on the image quality. Image Optimizer was developed with one main purpose, which is to heighten image compression ratios and optimize pictures. The user can choose whether to compress one image at a time or compress multiple images simultaneously. Image Optimizer supports two optimization techniques. The user has the choice – compress the photos to save a big amount of space with a slight, often unnoticeable quality loss or just optimize the picture while retaining the original quality. Image Optimizer also allows the flexibility to select the quality level of compression, and it has the option to skip certain images if compression level is lower than a user-defined threshold. The optimize function sets the pictures to the most suitable size, while retaining optimal image quality. Images can be organized by date, name, and size.


Initially Image Optimizer only had the support for the JPEG images. But it has been gradually updated and it now supports PNG images as well. There are some devices which automatically compress the images with a high ratio. In those devices, Image Optimizer would not be of great help. Also it should be noted that the Android Gallery has a bug due to which it will show the original image size even after the image is compressed. This problem will not be seen once the Android device has been rebooted.

Download Image Optimizer from here.

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