Google Recently launched Android 4.2 Jellybean with the release of Nexus 4. Recently the jellybean 4.2 files have been floating around on the internet. Jellybean 4.2 features new apps like Google Ears, Gesture support in keyboard, new clock design,  brand new launcher, better and faster camera app etc.

Jellybean 4.2

Now you can get all these features of 4.2 on a device running 4.1. Here is a short tutorial to convert your jellybean 4.1 to 4.2! These APKs have been extracted from Nexus 4 system dump files. They have been packaged into a single zip file for your convenience.



  1. Connect your device to the PC and place the zip file in the root of your SD card..
  2. Disconnect the device and power down the device.
  3. Now restart device into recovery mode.(Every device has a different method to enter recovery mode)
  4. Once in recovery mode, navigate to “install zip from sdcard”.recovery mode
  5. Find the zip file you downloaded earlier.
  6. Once the flashing is complete, go to advanced>wipe dalvik cache in recovery.
  7. Reboot into system. This reboot will take time as you cleared the dalvik cache.
  8. Congrats now your Device will look like jellybean 4.2.

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