During the time that we slowly and steadily advance to incremental developments with respect to the efficiency related with products, every now and then we are presented with new releases. These launched products constitute the itemization in the market and thus are glimpsed continuously under the public’s eyes.

As technology keeps advancing and humans expect to control their life by the tip of their hands using handheld devices, the facilitation of having things simplified to the user is of significant importance. Hence, certain applications providing the necessary completion of the intended task can serve the purpose in such circumstances.


The aforementioned application is a Cydia app that facilitates the functionality of exporting text messages to PDF files. Therefore the user can backup messages, Sms threads on their email.

Once it is installed, the user should launch it from the home screen. At this point of time, the application will read all the text messages and the following are displayed in a list. The messages app is the destination from where the text messages are read. Here, select the specific text messages that need to be exported. Also multiple threads can be exported simultaneously. However, the smart option will be to choose one thread at a time. This is because the user won’t recognize what text might belong to which specific conversation. The reason for this is that the receiver’s or sender’s name in the message of is not instilled in the PDF exported by Messages2PDF.

Afterwards, follow the desired steps and complete the process. Thus, the user can convert the text messages to a PDF file. There is a provision to send to your email this particular file by using the built-in mail function.


The particular application can be downloaded in the Cydia store from the Big Boss repo. Its cost is $1.49 and it is worth the every penny that is spent for it. Thus it acts as an efficient application that helps in simplifying the convenience in the user’s life. Additionally, it suffices in being the perfect option if the individual wants to export the messages in textual form. This appears on the Springboard after it is installed on the particular device.

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