Capturing some moments in a video is a commonplace activity among any Mobile phone user. Saving these precious times gives us indeed the fantastic option of viewing these later and re-living those moments all over again. Nowadays obviously storage space isn’t a concerning issue while recording video during occasions, moments or be it some other interesting phenomena. Hence, most of the individuals don’t take pains to look into the size of the specific video.

Video converter Android

Therefore, when an individual records a HD video on his/her Android handset; it is easily noticeable the size of a small video will also exceed around 12MB (precisely around 15 to 20 MB in size). The size doesn’t matter when we shoot it, but it often happens when we want to share this video with another group or a set of users. And Whatsapp is the pronounced medium that is used most of the times to share such stuff, but there is a problem when such users attempt sending files more than 12 MB size.

For the ones who don’t know Whatsapp automatically optimizes an uploaded photo by efficient optimization of its resolution, but sadly it doesn’t have such an option when the case is taken in court about videos. There is an error prompted out with respect to the same.

It is noted and understandable that there are various Windows based free converters available for the execution of this task, however the transfer of the files between devices is an annoying thing to do.

As expected, there are various other Video converters that are available on the Play Store, but their functionality fails to live up to Video Converter Android which is regarded as much better than the other existent ones.

This app presents its appearance in two versions namely Lite and Pro. Obviously, there is added functionality associated with the Pro version with simplified procedure and more benefits. Nevertheless the Lite version is helpful for manually reducing the video size.

  • Initially the application needs to be installed on the device. This can be downloaded from here.
  • After one launches the specific application, it is a necessity to import the particular video that needs to be reduced in size.
  • Tap the Convert option which is present in the bottom of the screen after an individual selects a particular video.

Conversion of the video after selection

  • Subsequently, Manual profile needs to be selected to convert the video and shrink down its bitrate, resolution and FPS of the video.Manual Option Selection
  • In the ideal case, the user should keep the settings as presented before and use it for the conversion. The recommended settings are 23.98, 176×144, and 800 respectively.

After the respective selections have been taken place, the tool reduces the size of the video.

Available options

  • If that particular video is viewed on the device, the compression will not be noticeable to the user’s eye. This is placed in the Android Gallery later after conversion. Thus, we can share on Whatsapp from the respective directory.

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