As Apple tries forcing a revolutionary change with their discoveries & the various technologies that they come up with, slowly and steadily it builds up the curiosity related to the products & their respective features. Thus, various leaks are sought after & tracked down and thus relevant knowledge is gathered about the product from various sources. Hence, this acts as a pre-occupied knowledge before the product is released out in the market.

Along these lines with the advent of technology, there are a plethora of Smartphones available in the market. Each specific phone has its respective features & appropriately the pros and the cons are examined under the scrutinized view. In respect to that, pretty often we see individuals changing phones after using them for a specific period of time. As a result, every time a phone is changed there are certain specific contacts that stay on the SIM card while we shift changing phones as per our will. Therefore, having these SIM contacts on the new device is a necessity. In this fashion, let’s have a look as to how copy contacts from SIM card to iPhone. SIM contacts to iPhone

It is a commonplace for the Apple users to have an idea with respect to the device’s exercising. In reference to that Apple’s services have that option of backing up & restoring the specific phone settings after an individual completely wipes off the data. The prevalent utility is that even if a user switches the particular SIM card between several multiple devices, the contacts on the SIM card are copied on the respective device. Under those circumstances leaving them aside, this article gives out a detailed description on copying these contacts from a different smartphone to the iPhone.

The exercising of iCloud is a good serviceable option in the terms that when an individual is switching between different iPhones. In that context if a user changes his phone moving from a different Smartphone & getting to a iPhone, it is always a thought –provoking aspect as to how these specifc SIM contacts can be copied on the new device.

Copy contacts from SIM card to iPhone

  1. First and foremost, the user needs to go to the Settings.
  2. After going to the indicated option, one should go to option mentioned Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Settings shown
  3. In this direction the individual should go to the contacts.
  4. Selecting this option, the user must select “Import SIM Contacts”.Import SIM contacts
  5. At this point of time, the contacts are in the process of getting imported. The time depends on the number of contacts that are present on the specific SIM card.Contacts getting imported
  6. One has to be patient for a while if there are a plenty huge number of contacts on the SIM card. It will take time.

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