Golf has always been a fascinating mobile game. Every addict of this game wants to be the next Tiger Woods(in the game) and break all records! With enhanced graphics and faster processors, games like Golf are now out in its 3D avatar for smartphones. Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! for Android is an awesome sports game, allowing you to experience the unique charm of Golf in high-end graphics and 3D. Like every Golf, here also you must try your best to the hit the holes in the least number of strokes.

Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! Android Game

Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! is an interesting Golf game with amazing graphics for both novice and hardcore players. The novice version of the game offers two characters for your choice, each having different features and different abilities.

Now, the latest version available in Google Play adds 3 new characters and some new items like Clothes, Clubs, Balls and much more. Here the mission is pretty simple: Get the ball into the hole in the minimum possible strokes as you can and beat the records! Various views are offered which will help you select the best shot and help you hit the hole. The free version offers a 9-hole game. Though ads are irritating at times, but it doesn’t hinder your golf playing experience. Many a times you might need to click the “All” icon on the top right to get an overhead view of the entire level to see the hole which can be irritating at times. This game is available in Android 2.2+ version and is compatible with the Sony Xperia Play Gaming Smartphone too.
Cup! Cup! Golf 3D Android Game
The entire game is in 3D and yet its under 6MB; kudos to the developers! With close to 400,000 installs every month, Golf 3D  is waiting to hit the top charts. This golf game has integrated the concepts of physics pretty well and thus enhances your overall game play experience. Hence, don’t be upset if you can’t make it to a real golf course, this game allows you to show your skills in an innovative way! Download the Cup! Cup! Golf 3D! from Google Play by clicking here.

I personally think that this games reserves a 4/5 rating! Do share with us your experience with this new game in the comments below.

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