Multiple home-screens on Android allow the user to keep all sorts of widgets on the home screen. The calendar widget is an extremely useful widget which helps in remembering all the important events in the near future. There are various calendar widget apps available on the Google Play Store. But there are some people who still prefer the traditional calendar with a picture. For such users, there is a wonderful app – Picture Calendar Widget.


As the name suggests, this widget comes with the traditional format of the calendar with a picture. The widget shows the image and a traditional month view calendar with the current date highlighted. The user has to just add the widget, tap on the picture and then simply select the picture that he/she wants on the home-screen. This app also has the option to assign a caption to the image on the picture.


Other Features:

  • Five different fixed widget sizes up to Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Light and dark design
  • Dynamic widget size with layouts selected automatically from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • From Android 4.2 on also usable as lock screen widget
  • Three different layouts depending on widget dimensions: tall, wide and square
  • Each Month features it’s own picture and caption
  • Makes use of standard gallery and camera apps
  • Turning Pictures 90 degrees left or right in case they have been loaded with a wrong orientation
  • Share function to send pictures from the calendar to other apps, for example photo editing apps
  • Ability to get pictures from other apps through sharing
  • Preserves battery live through customizable update intervals
  • Manual Update through changing widget size or entering and leaving the configuration app
  • Multiple widgets in parallel. Each widget can be set to show a different month

Along with these features, another two features are going to be added in the next update – disable the spiral binding and an option to have all 12 pictures show on one month as Dia Show.

Picture Calendar Widget is a free app available on the Google Play Store. Download it from here.

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