Previously users have observed several discrepancies in relation to the stock iOS Calendar app. There have been instances where users have complained regarding this stock app not allowing customization for events listed along time frame in the Notification Center. Overall there was a listing of maximum 10 items which represented a limited time frame of certain events. NCCalendar+ provides complete provisioning of calendars and calendar events which can be displayable in Notification Center (NC).NCCalendar+

Judging by the convenience aspect, this tweak appears to be a beneficial functionality. Selecting particular calendars and displaying them as per user’s wish. This is advantageous during the time that a user uses multiple calendars.

There are a few paid options available in the form of IntelliScreenX and LockInfo which offer such functionality, but a useful tweak like NCCalendar+ available for free is a useful entity. Users also have an option for extending the calendar events from one specific day to a period of 2 months. Additionally individuals are viewable to see 100 items from that calendar app comparable to the default 10.

Having the option to select specific calendars is helpful when users have access to use multiple calendars from different account and sources like Facebook, Birthday, public holiday, Gmail.NCCalendar+ jailbreak tweak

This tweak can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss reposity at Cydia.

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