The Slide to Unlock feature that is seen in the iOS has been adopted by almost each and every smartphone manufacturer. The text says “Slide to Unlock” which might become quite boring after a certain period of time. Now there is a way to change the “Slide to Unlock” text on the lock screen of the iOS. For this purpose the iOS user will have to download the Cydia tweak which goes by the name Sliderz.


As mentioned above, Sliderz will change the text that is seen while unlocking the iOS device. The users can customize the text of Slide to Unlock to just about anything they want, but they can also implement emoji icons into the mix. To make things more interesting, the developer has also thrown in support for sliders like Power Off and Incoming Call, so users can have things looking exactly as they would like right across the board.

It is very easy to change the text on the lock screen. Once Sliderz has been installed on the iOS device, the user will just need to go to Settings and then choose the Sliderz app. After that the following screen will appear.


Just change the text as per the wishes and then the results will be seen soon. Another good thing in this tweak is that it is very instantaneous. And also the user can change the slide to unlock text as and when they want to.

Of course for Sliderz to work on the iOS, the device must be jailbroken. And also this tweak will work on only iOS 6+. Do not try it for iOS 5 and versions below it. Just head to the BigBoss repository and there you will find the Sliderz tweak. Sliderz will come at a price of 99 cents.

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