Some circumstances may arise where-in you would want to customize the share text which usually appears during the time that you share a link from Safari using Twitter. In such cases, having a simplified utility will help in proving to be a resourceful measure.

SafariSharePatcher, a new jailbreak tweak is the utility which helps in performing the user’s ntended operation. Because it is a beta tweak, currently this tweak isn’t yet available on the default Cydia repos. The users are allowed to customize text with the option of the preference panel located in the settings app.

At the beginning, the Twitter share pop-up text arrives up as blank space. Eventually the SafariSharePatcher tweak helps you to completely customize the same based upon your liking.

After you install the tweak, you will need to go to the stock Settings app and open SafariSharePatcher ‘s preference panel. Here you can view a “Tweet Format” field which helps you for customizing the share text. Firstly the field will have a TITLE variable which encompasses the title of the webpage inclusive in the tweet. Either you can keep this and keep texting around it, else you have the option of deleting it completely if you want to do so.
Generally users simply keep the specific title and customize the text that surrounds it. In this manner, you can keep the context of the share along with the addition of special customizations.

For trying the SafariSharePatcher, you will need to go to the following repo address to your Cydia sources: Once you navigate there, you can download this tweak for free.

What are your thoughts on this tweak? Do you think it will be helpful?

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