As Smartphones become a standout handset for the economic sector of the society, there are various transactions performed by plentiful applications. During such instances, personal data from a user is exchanged on various third party apps or other applications that have those annoying pop-ups. The resultant mission of such operation is that these activities are performed by the advertisers to lure out money through various mediums. In such cases, privacy becomes a major issue related with these irritating pop-ups and the advertisers trying to fetch information from the users by other means.

The technological age keeps developing day by day and Smartphones are the traditional entities that provision out their way for the ease of use in life or simplifying the arduous tasks by implementing them through the features of the

Sometimes it may so happen that the iPhone could be configured to be tracking without the user’s command. Hence, it becomes a violation upon the condition of the user’s consent. There were reports previously that emerged on hinting that Apple had initiated the process of tracking various iPhone users.

How to stop Advertisers from tracking your iPhone

Let’s follow this procedure to perform the intended target of stopping the advertisers from tracking the iPhone:

  1. At the very beginning, the Settings need to be launched.
  2. Consequently after the Settings get opened, the individual must tap on the General option as presented in the list. Settings-iPhone
  3. Here, at this specific instance on needs to tap on about. About-option
  4. The user needs to scroll down on the “Advertising” button present in the list. Select Advertising
  5. Here, the user needs to “Switch on” the Limit Tracking Ad. The usual default option is that of a default toggled off to Limit Tracking Ad. The user has to manually turn that “ON. Limit Ad tracking-Turn ON

The facilitation of “Turning ON” the option will result in the prevention of the Ad tracking for the respective individual.

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