Cyanogemod has always played an integral role in the Android smartphone market. Android users find Cyanogemod’s components as paramount elements for implementing the heterogeneous set of functionalities on their devices. Surely, Cyanogemod has a huge user base and at present it is trying and expanding their presence in the smartphone market by unveiling official Cyanogenmod cases. This progress is a good attempt for gaining public attention as well as attracting the users with the release of their new products.  cyanogenmod-cases
Cyanogemod and CruzerLite have instilled a partnership that is responsible for creating this product. The case features a CyanogenMod’s “cid” logo on the back and is priced at a reasonable amount of $14.90. It is available in four color options of black, smoke, clear and teal. This case was specifically designed by a CM community member, Asher Simonds. If you are acquainted with the development that goes around in this community, then you shall find yourself familiar with this name. Yes, it is same person who created the Nexus Experience pattern wallpapers.

Cyanogenmod’s efforts to reach out to more consumers will certainly be a fruitful attempt towards gaining a fair share of the market. However at present these cases are only available for the Nexus 5 devices. It is construed that Cruzerlite and Cyanogenmod are waiting patiently to see the success levels on this release and it is expected that cases for several other devices will follow suit if Cruzerlite manages to acquire more support from the Cyanogenmod fanbase.
What are your thoughts on this product? Do you want official Cyanogenmod cases for other devices too?

Will the Nexus 5 users purchase this case??
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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