CyanogenMod today announced a plethora of new features and have also released some more stable builds of the popular custom ROM. Apart from the usual features, there is another feature that has surfaced up recently and this has been notably developed by Nebojsa Cvetkovic, which provides the users faster access to their Smartphone camera.

The simple process involves taking photos from the Quick Settings Panel along with the manifestation of a Live Viewfinder Tile.


This newly launched feature appears as a simple tile on the quick settings panel and this functionality can be easily accessed from the standard drop-down notification menu. Such representation can easily help the users for quickly take a picture from the notification menu without even opening up and loading the particularized main camera application.

The video below demonstrates this feature in action:

During the time that you simply tap on the tile with the start-up camera being available; afterwards you are provided a small preview and eventually there is provisioning available for auto focusing the shot. Finally you can simply tap again for taking new pictures subsequently hereafter. After you finish this operation, you can simply swipe away from the notification shade. Later, the camera option gets closed automatically.

The facilitation of the quick shot helps in taking the particular pictures at full resolution. This is perfectly similar to the regular app that performs this action. Usually such an action isn’t ideal for taking a perfect picture; however it surely assists the progress in taking a quick snap of a particular entity or if in cases where you simply cannot wait for the camera application to load completely. Thus, it can be looked as an advantageous feature in such circumstances.

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