Android and iOS are two giants in the smartphone market. While Android offers a very high level of customization, same cannot be said about it’s Apple counterpart. To customize an iDevice, the user will have to jailbreak the device and then can use an alternative app store named Cydia to use the apps for customization. The Cydia Store has been used by tons of Apple users on their iDevices.

Now, the Cydia developers have announced that Cydia will be available for the Android platform also in the form of Cydia Substrate. But unlike in iOS, Cydia Substrate is not a separate app store for the Android devices. This is more of a toolbox for the developers.


Cydia Substrate is a tool for modifying the devices without actually knowing the source code. It does not involve the installation of a new custom ROM but only modifying the existing firmware.

Although Android is an open source community, but the manufacturers add a layer of their own software over it which is not open source. So, Cydia Substrate can be used for the modification of the existing firmwares.

Until now, the only Cydia Substrate available for Android is Winterboard. Winterboard is more or less a theming app which lets the user change just about anything on the Android device. It is still in the experimental stages.

Cydia Substrate will need ROOT access to function on the Android devices. It is compatible with Android versions Gingerbread (2.3) and above.
Cydia Substrate can be downloaded from the Google Play Store: Download Link.

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