Nowadays, all the Smartphones are equipped with cameras. There are some phones which have an excellent camera while the others have sub-standard cameras. There are times when the image quality from these cameras is not up to the mark. On many occasions the image turn out to be blurred. The Google Play Store has an excellent app – DeblurIt, which helps in reducing the blur in the images.


DeblurIt is a great app which sharpens the blurry images. It uses progressive algorithms based on deconvolution technology. Unlike standard unsharp mask filters that simply detect edges and add them to the original image, deconvolution uses information within the image to approximately restore the original image, thus correcting the photo blur.


DeblurIt has two modes – Auto and Manual. In the Auto mode, the app itself will try to remove the blur in the image. Auto mode uses unsharp mask to quickly deblur the photo. Manual mode allows the user to tweak various settings in order to achieve optimal results. This mode should be used only if the individual knows what he/she is doing. Improper use and it will lead to a worse result than the original one.

DeblurIt has two versions on the Google Play Store – Free and Pro. DeblurIt Free has one major limitation – images larger than 512×512 are not supported. And also the Free version consists of Ads. Other features of DeblurIt are :

  • The presence of Preview button to compare the original image with restored one
  • Export to PNG and JPEG
  • Run in background and notify the user when the process is complete
  • Fast image processing
  • Grayscale Processing
  • Different approaches – deconvolution filter and sharpen filter to restore blurry photos
  • Capture images using the camera

Download DeblurIt Free from here.
Download DeblurIt Pro from here.

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